Warsurge is a game that has been produced by the 3 Brothers Grim that lets you customise your entire army, using special profile creation and army building software. All your models can be fully and properly customised to play as you always dreamed of!

Mission Statement

We invite all players and hobby companies to take part in a change for war gaming. Our goal is to create a gaming world where anyone can participate with their armies. Join us as we march into the future with Warsurge.

Richard Hollingsworth

Richard has been into the war gaming hobby since 2000, introduced to a tabletop game system by his brother Nicholas and friends at school. Starting with a second hand purchase of an army then purchasing new models after that, he has since run a war gaming club and worked in other creative fields like film, music and photography. He loves a good video game and has a pretty wild imagination.

For Warsurge, Richard was primarily in charge of developing the game mechanics and rules in collaboration with Nicholas, writing the rulebook and also directing the art and story of the game among other duties. He has plans for more expansion materials in the future, in addition to pursuing any requests that gain momentum from the war gaming community.

Nicholas Hollingsworth

Nicholas was into war gaming before Richard, participating in epic sci-fi battles at the back of a friend’s garage. Deploying soldiers in silver power armour, he fought valiantly against players who, like him, didn’t really know how to play as they didn’t own a rulebook for that game yet! With enthusiasm such as this, Nicholas has also pursued the creative side of the hobby, constantly improving his painting skills – even acquiring an airbrush kit to help achieve his goals. He also enjoys playing video games, watching anime and loves a good board game with his wife.

With Warsurge, Nicholas was originally inspired to start the project, trying out a few rule adjustments to a game that he was playing with Richard. Thus, Warsurge initially began as a home-brew modification for another game, but over time this developed further, slowly changing from a casual ‘on the side’ project to becoming its own fully fledged game product. Nicholas has mainly focused on development of Warsurge’s Profile Creator software, but also works in developing the game’s rules and keeps an eye on other aspects of the project.

Videos with the Creators

Hopefully you’ll find these videos about us and the game amusing.