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Bandua Wargames

Bandua Wargames is a company born from the passion of wargamers. They sell a wide range of miniatures, scenery, accessories, collectibles and games in their online shop. One of their specialties is their own Bandua Wargames Scenery – a variety of terrain and scenery for sci-fi, fantasy and more themes. In addition, they’re all about the wargaming community, gaming news, tournaments and having a good time with games and the players that enjoy them - whether you’re new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran, they’re there to help.

Spain, Europe, International
Deep-Cut Studio

Deep-Cut Studio is an artisan manufacturer of high-quality tabletop gaming mats, terrain tiles and gaming accessories. Their range tailors for gamers with a variety of miniature themes which include Sci-Fi, Fantasy (including Fantasy Football), specialised game systems (such as Batman) and many others. They can even create custom mats to suit a player’s specific needs. In addition, they also provide a wide array of services: laser-cut scenery and buildings, tokens, templates, cards and other game accessories.

Europe, International

Dicebox is a board game and pop culture merchandise store that is based in Australia. Our mission is to be the one-stop shop for everything pop culture. Our resident nerds have curated the selections to ensure that our customers get only the best items on the market. From board games to Chessex dice to clothing and even candies, our online store has everything you need when it comes to pop culture stuff.

Firelock Games

Firelock Games are the creators of the miniature game, Blood and Plunder. Set in the 17th Century Caribbean during the age of piracy, the game features historically accurate (and very cool) miniatures for epic battles between English, Spanish and French fleets with their crews. In addition to the ships, weapons and infantry, there are native tribe models, options for non-aligned fleets and of course everyone’s favourite scourge of the seas: pirates! Assemble your crew and fight for your loot. Yarr!

United States, International
Megalith Games
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Blood and Bronze!
Megalith Games produces the sword-and-sandals tabletop game Godslayer, along with a range of superb models. The six factions have strong classical and mythological themes with a fantasy twist! Romans, Greeks, Celts, Vikings, Mongols and barbarians are the inspiration for the various factions.  If you like mythology, ancient battles, or sword-and-sorcery, then check out their Spartan-style heroes, hulking barbarians, Roman-style legionnaires, Minotaurs, Cyclopses and much more!

United Kingdom, Germany, Europe, International
Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studios have a wide selection of high quality scenery, miniature products and accessories. In addition, they have a range of other services available. Apart from their products, they take commissions on laser cutting and engraving various materials, access to 3D sculptors who can help bring your ideas to life and can offer support for resin casting. If you have a project that’s in need of a short series of models, they can help!

Poland, Europe, International
Printable Scenery

Printable Scenery offers a wide selection of 3D printing designs for Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical and many other terrain themes. They also sell designs from Rampage, a modular interconnecting scenery building system that uses the OpenLOCK locking system. They have helpful guides and if you don’t own a 3D Printer, they can help you find a business who can do handle it for you. If 3D Printing is your passion or you want to learn more, then you should visit their website!

New Zealand, International
War World Scenics
, ,

War World Scenics boasts a wide array of high quality scenery products. They can cater for sci-fi and fantasy terrain as well as civilian and train based scenery. The War World team includes an Eavy Metal/Golden Demon winner who works on their sculpts, resin products and MDF laser cut range. Even better, their website has instructional videos and guides on creating scenery and getting the most out of your terrain!

United Kingdom, International
Wayland Games

Wayland Games is one of Europe's largest independent retailers for tabletop hobbies. You'll find great value and savings from a wide range of products like Warhammer 40,000 and Warmachine but that's not all! They also have a massive range of products from Star Wars to Star Trek, from Dungeons and Dragons to dice towers, from magnets to Magic the Gathering. They literally have Infinity and beyond!

United Kingdom, Europe, International
Zealot Miniatures

Zealot Miniatures is a UK based model producer, specialising in Design, 3D Printing, Casting and more. They have a great range of scenery products available to meet all your gaming needs: Fantasy, Sci-Fi and awesome terrain pieces for dungeon crawl adventures. They have a wide selection of models from quality miniature producers in addition to their own range, and can assist you with custom model projects!

United Kingdom, International