Meeting Your Wargaming Desires!

Welcome to the Affiliates page for Warsurge! We have several companies allied with us who are willing to offer you their services in your war efforts. Whether it’s more miniatures, paints, accessories or more, they’ll have it in store!

Use the filter button to make the Affiliate list more specific. For example, a location such as Australia, United Kingdom or International. You can also add one or more product types such as ‘Miniatures’ to narrow the list. You can even type the name of the business you’re after if you know what you want.

Type whole words related to your search and do not separate with commas.*

Aside from countries and locations, the product types available are:

Miniatures – Scenery – Accessories – Supplies – 3D.Printing – Custom.Models – Dice – Merchandise – Games

*3D Printing and Custom Models must be typed as 3D.Printing and Custom.Models. So a full stop is instead of a space between these words. Note that the search engine is not case sensitive, it can be lower case.