Army Book Templates

An optional Warsurge product we have available are the various Army Book Templates. These little beauties are for those inclined to have their custom army book – whether digital or physical. There are a variety of themes to choose from, including fantasy (medieval), sci-fi and several ‘neutral’ coloured themes.

Depending on your tastes, you could have one or a few. The best is that they’re cheap and can come as a bundle if you want them all!

In addition to having the profiles of your army, you can take it a step further and write up (or copy and paste where possible, *cough cough*) lore from the universe and have it in your compiled book. That could make it feel really in theme or ‘fluffy’.

If making your own digital version of a book, we recommend using a photo editor such as Gimp (it’s like photoshop, but free) or using a word document processor (such as Microsoft Word) to edit the files. However, you could still pull it off with some built in image editing programs, but it would be easier this way for digital.

Another advantage of going digital is being able to insert pictures more easily into your personal army book – such as art or even a photo of your unit or models in action.

If making your own physical book, you have room to write the stats in with a pen or pencil, but this would be challenging with a theme such as ‘Dark’ which is mostly black colours.

Personally, there’s some themes I think REALLY go with some armies.

Another way they can be used is to make army books for other players. Very handy if you want some guidelines for a tournament too, where the playing field may require to be governed.

Of course, like I mentioned before, this product is completely optional, but I think I’ll be using them myself!

Check out the Warsurge Shop for these Army Template Packs.

Would you like to see new themes added? What do you think?

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