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Whether you have a full army or a team of skirmish characters, we want to hear about it!
Please answer the questions below for the army and player interview article. If we approve, your army could feature on our News and Home page area. This is your chance to show your army to the world!

Due to the nature of images and the potential for overburdened emails, I’d prefer that you send me a link to Dropbox, Facebook, or perhaps Instagram (or otherwise) with the images of your army. If this is an issue, then tell me in the photo link question that we’ll need to arrange a transfer of your images.

If this army is not your work or a collaboration with one or more people, then make sure you have permission to submit the material. Many thanks!

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1). Hi there! Please introduce yourself and tell us about some of your gaming history.

2). What is the army you’re showing and describing to us today? What’s their background story?

3). Is this army for collection and display, or are they being used in games? Got any war stories to share? A favourite model?

4). What inspired you to pursue the creation of this particular army? Their look? Their lore? Something else?

5). What is or was your favourite part of their creation? For example: building, painting, making profiles or using them in a game? Any special stories to share?

6). How long has this project been going? What’s on for the future? Planning to expand or start a new army?

7). Thanks for sharing your army with us. Do you have any catchphrases or favourite quotes to finish with?

Thanks! Lastly, please provide a link to the images of your army, such as from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram etc: