Past Play Test Highlight: Christmas

Past Play Test Highlight: Christmas

This was one of our past special events!

Note: Please wait for the post to load as there are a lot of compressed photos. If viewing on mobile, rotate it to be horizontal to let pictures fill out the screen area better. Enjoy! 🙂

This was our very first seasonal game some time back. It was a huge success and super fun for the players. At that time, we only had prototype profile creation software to work with and my camera was a little dodgy, but the photos are okay IMO. Hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to do a new variation with video in the future with some more hilarious shenanigans…

Prelude: ‘Cheer and Fear’

A sudden wind blew, stirring the snow and causing it to sparkle as it caught the fleeting rays of sunshine. Before he could enjoy the moment, Christmas Guardian Elodorr froze in his thoughts, his Eldar senses detecting something. The normally cheerful atmosphere of the secret workshop village suddenly seemed tainted… a darkness was descending. His fellow Christmas Guardians shuddered.

“The Grinch, with his mon-keigh and ork followers approach.” said Elodorr.

A hearty voice replied, “I knew this day would come, ever since Rudolph vanished…” Elodorr and the other Christmas Eldar turned and saw Santa Clause, the jolly father of winter, clad in magnificent armour as he stepped out of the workshop. Santa took a moment to observe the area.

“We won’t go down easy. We have friends who believe in the spirit of Christmas. We will fight to our last breath.” Santa looked to Dante and his Blood Angels, then to the mysterious warriors of The Order. With a nod, they spread out into the forest.

With a great shout, Santa declared his defiance against the living scrooge: The Grinch. “We know you’re coming Grinch! You can come out and get what’s coming to you!”

A great roar could be heard in the distance…

The battle for Christmas had begun.

The Mission: Wrapped-Up Raid

Type: Standard 1v1 (two on each team). We had on Team Grinch: Orks and Imperial Guard, while Team Santa had: Blood Angels and The Order. Santa and Grinch moved independently of players, making their way toward each other to clash at the center of the battlefield.


The Spirit of Christmas Tree and it’s presents are the target of a daring, yet reckless and selfish raid by The Grinch. Save the presents and save the day!

Santa and the Grinch start in opposite Keeps. Their respective Christmas Eldar (or Undead Eldar) remain in the Keeps to defend it from attackers. Players will deploy in either Zone A or Zone B.

-Victory Conditions-

The side with the most Conquest Points (CP) wins.

Capture Presents

Presents around the tree give Conquest Points if controlled at the end of the game. All presents on the battlefield can be opened for special loot to use in the game!

Capture the Keeps

Capturing keeps gives you Conquest Points at the end of the game.

Slay the Enemy

Defeating the a percentage of the enemy army grants Conquest Points.


Slaying Santa Clause or The Grinch grants Conquest Points to their respective enemies.



Team Grinch and Team Santa deployed their forces in relative safety, although everyone was mainly focused on opening presents!

Team Grinch:

The Imperial Guard player deployed his Leman Russ in the Grinch’s Keep so that it could have some good firing angles early in the game.

The Ork Dreadnought in particular was placed to get a present! The rest of the Ork horde would move towards the centre tree.

Team Santa:

Team Santa was less in number than Team Grinch, but by no means less threatening.

The Human Auxiliaries with Plasma Rifles deployed in the forests to have a vantage point for ranged attacks.

The Mk27 Marines were sent to Santa’s Workshop Keep to open some presents early in the game.

The Blood Angel Dreadnought, like the Ork Dreadnought, was well placed to pick up a present!

Turn 1

“The battle begins.”

Team Grinch Highlights

Team Grinch moved towards gifts and the centre tree. Some Imperial Guard were sent to threaten Santa’s Workshop and the Christmas Guardians.

The presents when opened could provide anything from a lump of coal to a powerful gun, hover boards and much more: so they were a priority target.

The Leman Russ battle tank rumbled into the open, ready to open fire on Santa or anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it’s sights.

The Grinch himself was moving towards the centre, hunting down Santa to give him a good thumping.

The Grinch and a few other units fire some shots, but no serious damage was inflicted on this turn.

Team Santa Highlights

Team Santa had a similar strategy to Team Grinch. They took presents, but had some powerful marksmen units placed in a forest for protection.

The super high-tech Mk27 Marines were seizing a gift pile in the corner at Santa’s workshop, hoping for some epic power ups.

The Blood Angel Dreadnought collected a present, eager to open it next turn!

The Human Auxiliaries bumped off a handful of enemies, but no real damage was inflicted.

Santa attempted to shoot The Grinch, but his Mega Armour was proof to the damage.

Turn 2

“Presents change everything!”

Both sides were eager to open their gifts. For within them contained the potential power to rule the battlefield.

Team Grinch Highlights

The Orks call in reinforcements – a mob of Storm Boyz. They cling to a forest for refuge while they prepare to overwhelm the Christmas Tree and steal its gifts!

The Ork Dreadnought excitedly opened its present from last turn and acquired a Magic Pogo Stick! It used it to redeploy at the other end of the table, near the Blood Angel Dreadnought and Mk27 Marines. The marines in particular were in serious danger for assault.

The Ork Wagon opens its present and acquires a hover board – it can now hover above the ground!

The Leman Russ fired upon the Blood Angels, but the Battle Cannon scattered onto the Ork Wagon. Oh no! It lost 1 HP.

Sadly, the Ork Wagon’s glorious Hover Board Present was very short lived, for the Wagon was shot to ribbons by Auxiliary Humans with their Plasma Rifles.

Some Imperial Guardsmen continued their move towards Santa’s Workshop, shooting some Christmas Guardians but didn’t inflict any damage. The rest of the Guardsmen steadily made their journey to the tree.

 Team Santa Highlights

The Mk27 Marines opened their present and received a Conquest Point to help them win the day, while the Blood Angel Dreadnought acquired a Mega Blaster! It is a powerful gun, able to decimate both hordes and models in power armour with ease.

Human Auxiliaries opened their gift, and only found lumps of coal. Aww. At least they took down the Ork Wagon.

Team Santa continued to seek presents, but Team Grinch was putting a little heat on in the form of the redeployed Ork Dreadnought and incoming fire from the Leman Russ.

The Ork Dreadnought was dangerously close to the Mk27 Marines, who wouldn’t be able to take an assault from the bloodthirsty war engine.

The Blood Angel Dreadnought attempted to intervene on behalf of the Mk27 Marines, but was defeated in melee combat by the Ork Dreadnought! It’s sacrifice would not be forgotten.

Also during this turn, Santa and Grinch engaged in a deadly duel. They shot each other but didn’t deal damage. The ensuing assault was a different story however…

The Duel: ‘Santa VS. The Grinch’

Santa halted his wolves. The sleigh came to a sudden stop. There in front of him stood the Grinch, his rocket jets cooling after descending from the dark skies.

Santa stared him down. “Give it up Grinch, it’s not too late! You might still be able to -“

Santa couldn’t finish the sentence: he was disgusted when he looked upon the Grinch’s back. Upon it was a spike that held the skull of Rudolph, his red-nosed reindeer.

Santa was speechless. The Grinch chortled and savoured the moment. Eventually Santa was able to speak, but only two words came from his mouth.

“You bastard.”

The Grinch gloated, “Once I waz finished eatin’ him, I fed the scraps of hiz carcass to da squigs. Da’ meat tazted pretty sweet! Hur hur hur…”

The Grinch then raised his claws to the sky, crushing a beautifully wrapped gift between his claws, its contents falling onto the ground below. He then took aim with his ‘scorcha’ and incinerated the contents.

Santa stood silent.

“Too long haf I wated for dis day, Santa!” The Grinch declared malevolently. 

He then grinned and roared, “Enuff time talkin’! I’ve come to thump ya in the boingloings like I sed in me letta*! No one can save ya’, git!” *Grinch’s letter and Santa’s response were building up to the mission, they are at the bottom of the article if you want to read them.

Santa was still frozen with disgust when the Grinch began his attack. The Grinch fired his blasta at Santa’s sleigh, catching his wolves by surprise. In retaliation, the wolves snapped at The Grinch. The Grinch chuckled as he shouldered them aside, however Santa had come to his senses and fired his Joy Blaster at the misguided green skin. 

The projectiles had no effect, however, it bought Santa a few precious seconds to bring his enchanted axe to bear. Manoeuvring the sleigh like a chariot, Santa struck the Grinch repeatedly and caused many serious wounds; blood gushing into the snow.

Clutching his gashes, The Grinch roared with rage and began his counter attack. The Grinch retaliated with a mighty backhand and flung Santa off his sleigh…

Turn 3

“Oh no, Santa!

Turning it up a notch, The Grinch had defeated Santa in close combat last turn. However, he had been wounded by the jolly red man…

Team Grinch Highlights

Team Grinch continues its terrifying raid. Moving towards the Christmas Tree.

More presents are opened – the Leman Russ acquires a Mega Blaster, using it in preference to the Battle Cannon!

The Ork Dreadnought, after enjoying victory against the Blood Angels, moved within threatening range of the Santa’s Workshop and the Christmas Guardians! Sadly it didn’t live long, as the Mk27 Marines were on the hunt…

Team Santa Highlights

The Mk27 Marines open their gift and acquire hover boards, which they use to fly ahead of the Ork Dreadnought then shoot down with their Plasma Rifles. Ouch!

Dante separates from his Blood Angel bodyguard to confront the Grinch.The Blood Angels move into The Grinch’s Keep and attack it’s undead Christmas Guardians at range and melee. They defeated them, thereby conquering the Keep for Santa’s forces!

Santa’s Workshop is hit by Guardsmen, but the Christmas Guardians fight back! They both inflict casualties on each other.

Dante moves and embarks upon Santa’s sleigh, for ah, tactical reasons… or maybe he thought it was fun? Whatever the case, he and the Grinch shoot each other and fight in a desperate close combat!

Vengeance: Dante VS. The Grinch

As he lay unconscious in the snow, The Grinch stood over him, casting a shadow over the Saint of Children.

“I’ve wated too long for dis moment, ya git! All I want’d waz wat I dezerved!”

The Grinch raised his powerful claw in the air, ready to thump Santa in the privates as he had promised months before, but the roar of a Jump Pack and an unfamiliar voice interrupted him… 


With a great crash, Dante the Chapter Master of the Blood Angels, slammed into the Grinch. The impact had completely surprised the selfish ork, throwing him some distance from Santa. With this opportunity, Dante seized Santa’s sleigh! 

The Grinch began to arise from the icy ground. Dante held the wolves back as they savagely barked, preparing for a desperate fight.

Dante spoke in defiance against The Grinch: “You will not land another blow on Santa. This fallen champion of cheer will be AVENGED.”

The Grinch spat blood into the snow. His bleeding had slowed dramatically.

“Yeah, whateva ya reckon. I’ll rip out ya gutz! WAAAAGH!”

As The Grinch ran towards him, Dante fired his Melta Pistol and set Santa’s Wolves upon him. The Grinch, with the agitated wolves snapping at his face, was open to an attack. Dante seized this opportunity and brought his legendary axe upon the Grinch. With precision that a millennia of combat had taught him, Dante slashed with a flurry of deadly strikes. 

The Grinch was unable to speak. After a few seconds, blood spurted around him. He then collapsed into the snow.

Before Dante had any moment to celebrate his victory, incoming fire from greedy human mercenaries heavily bombarded him and the sleigh. Without even thinking, Dante abandoned the sleigh just before it was wrecked from the incoming shots. The wolves broke free, and ever loyal to their master began dragging Santa’s body back to his workshop.

Firing up his Jump Pack, Dante smiled.

“There are greedy green skins and miserly mercenaries to hunt down.”

Turn 4

“Dante did it!”

Dante defeated the Grinch, but he was almost alone against a horde of Guardsmen and Orks. Could he survive?

Team Grinch Highlights

More presents were opened. At this point, the Imperial Guard had picked up many Mega Blasters, while the Orks had picked up a lot of hover boards.

Santa had been avenged by Dante last turn, but as a consolation prize, Team Grinch destroyed Santa’s Sleigh with some ranged attacks.

During this turn, the Blood Angel Assault Marines successfully destroyed the Leman Russ tank! Oh boy!

At least some more presents will be opened next turn, maybe reversing some of this grievous damage… Dante was tackling their horde head on, fighting hard!

Team Santa Highlights

By this point of the game, Team Santa was doing well. Both Keeps were under their control and Grinch had been defeated, making up for the loss of Santa.

Human Auxiliaries fired their Plasma Rifles at Orks, dwindling their numbers.

Assault Marines defeated a Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Mk27 Marines exchanged fire with the Guardsmen, receiving a casualty. They then attacked them in close combat, dealing heavy damage to the ill equipped Guardsmen. With this, the Christmas Guardians were relieved of their duty. Thankfully for Team Santa, some of those Eldar had survived Team Grinch’s gunfire. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten.

Dante was a real beast, shooting a horde of Orks with his newly acquired Mega Blaster and slaying many in close combat!

Turn 5

“The end is in sight.”

It was becoming clear that Team Grinch would not be able to recover their losses. On Team Santa, the Blood Angels had lost some units and had a wounded Dante running (or jump packing) around, while The Order was almost unscathed in the conflict. Maybe the Order’s white armour was better snow camouflage than they expected?

Team Grinch Highlights

Team Grinch finally managed to defeat Dante in close combat, the numbers finally prevailed!

That said, the outlook was not good. Mk27 Marines and Assault Marines were rapidly making their way to the tree and would soon drive the Orks away or slay them.

Team Santa Highlights

Aside from stray forces and some Storm Boyz, Team Santa had the battle field under control! They steadily moved towards the center tree.

Turn 6

“End Game.”


Santa’s Team turned a potentially perilous situation into a solid victory by making a few good decisions in the face of adversity. The Grinch and his forces had been defeated, but not before the Orks opened up one more present which had a Magic Pogo Stick, allowing them to escape. They were not completely wiped off the battlefield, but they were heading that way!

Santa’s defenders arrived at the tree, seizing the remaining presents. Hooray!

Aftermath: ‘The Storm has passed… Christmas Dawns.’

Dante struggled to get up – he had been heavily wounded. He could rest knowing that his bodyguards were chasing away the straggler’s from The Grinch’s raiding party. However, as he looked near the Christmas Tree, he was alarmed. The Grinch’s body was nowhere to be found.

With a heavy sigh, he trudged through the snow, making his way to the workshop house.
During his return, Dante paused a moment. A disturbing sight caught his eye – was his imagination playing tricks, using his fears? He could see a silhouette of Santa coughing up blood in the snowy haze, then desperately holding out his legendary hat to him, saying: “You must now be the new Santa. There must always be a Santa Clause.” Dante dismissed these thoughts as ridiculous hallucinations of his injuries and the weather. Sure enough, the icy mirage faded with a howl of wind.

Returning to the workshop, he was relieved – his fears were brushed aside as Santa wearily got up.

With a heavy cough, Santa spoke: “That Grinch really had some bite with his bark.” 

All were silent. 

“… and he’s definitely not on the list next year.”

The soldiers all shared a hearty chuckle and some pudding, provided by the surviving Christmas Guardians – Elodorr’s special recipe.

Dante reflected to himself, “Not in my 1,000 years have I witnessed a battle like this… and maybe never again…”

Suddenly, Dante froze. He felt there was something more to Santa’s statement. “… not on the list next year.” Dante couldn’t help but ask Santa about it.

“…The Grinch isn’t dead, is he, Santa Clause?”

“No.” he replied. “He’ll return, but we’ll be ready for him. And I must say, you did well today for a young lad.”

“What?” Dante was indignant.

“Well, in Terran years, I’ve got an odd 38 millennia on you, but who’s counting? Ho, ho, ho!”

With that they all laughed. Dante too, couldn’t help but smile.

“Merry Christmas!”

Well, that was our Christmas game from some time back. Hope you enjoyed it! I’m planning to re-release our Halloween and Talk Like a Pirate Day (and maybe Easter?!) themed play tests too! Look out for those soon 😉

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