Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 Battle Report!

We’ve got a special RPG/Dungeon adventure game that features Rick and Morty along with several Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar models, along with some from Spellcrow and a few others. The game was a test of an RPG system we’re planning that gives customisation of characters, item crafting, loot and other goodies.

Halloween Game – Pics + Text and a Short Video
This batrep is picture and text only and intended just for fun and not serious play. We also have a 2 min video showcasing the board and mission if you’d like a look at everything! Personally, I think it all turned out pretty sweet!

Classic ‘Pictures and Text Only’ version: Click Here – or the picture below:

YouTube Sneak Peek Video: Click Here

Vimeo Sneak Peek Video: Click Here

View Sneak Peek below:

The gaming mat was by Deep-Cut Studio. They have some amazing mats! Be sure to check them out by clicking here!

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Due to our team’s current focus on developing Warsurge, the next seasonal event will be Christmas. Next year we have an entertaining one for November though!


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