Pirate Day Battle: 2017

Pirate Day Battle: 2017

Welcome to our third – and special – Mission Report!

To celebrate ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’, several pirate armies are clashing on the battlefield – fighting on both land and ocean! Human Pirates, Banebrood and Orks threaten the high seas. Yarr!

We have multiple viewing methods and options for your convenience!
1) Classic ‘Pictures and Text Only’ version: Click Here
2) Full YouTube Video: Click Here – it might have ads, maybe…
3) Full Vimeo Video: Click Here
4) Or, view it below:

Special thanks to Firelock Games, Deep-Cut Studio and also Megalith Games whose products made a real difference to the game. Their sites are accessible through our Affiliates page, but for your convenience I’ve attached them below:

Pirate Miniatures – Firelock Games – Click Here

Gaming Mats – Deep-Cut Studio – Click Here

Godslayer Miniatures – Megalith Games – Click Here

Also, the ‘Watcher in the Ocean’ and the Orks were from Games-Workshop. The ships were made out of humble Lego. It did the job in this case 😛

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Hope you enjoyed watching and reading the game as much as we did playing it!

– Richard

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