Pirate Day Update + News

Pirate Day Update + News


Just a little update on happenings around here! πŸ™‚

Nic is madly painting the miniatures for our Talk Like a Pirate Day game – thanks to the folks at Firelock Games! The mats you’ll see are from Deep-Cut Studios. Absolutely beautiful. We’ve got two mats of 4′ x 4′, combining for a large 8′ x 4′. We’ll need it for the five player game!

We’re all going to have a great time looting, pillaging and whatnot this year, and it will be a massive improvement from our first 2 vs 1 game in 2015 (though that was pretty awesome too). This time, the battle itself is going to be filmed and photographed, so it should be a treat. We’ll have five captains entering the fray in a free-for-all, including some aggressive wildlife that will threaten any would be warriors who are caught unawares. The army roster is going to be awesome too – we’ve got Skaven (AoS), Orks (40k), Banebrood (Godslayer) and two Pirate factions (Blood and Plunder). Each with their very own pirate ship. Yarr!

We’ll be aiming to have that Mission Report ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day, maybe a little beforehand.

This weekend I’ll be heading to Melbourne in Australia to visit the House of War and give a demonstration. Hoping that all goes smoothly and that much fun is had with Warsurge! I’ll be taking some of my classic Iron Warriors. They haven’t been used in a long time and could probably use a little touch-up in the paint department, but hey, they’re full of memories and war stories already…

With love from your evil warlord,

Richard πŸ˜€

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