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January 2022 News

Welcome to the January 2022 news update for WARSURGE.

It’s the New Year, and we have big plans for it! Along with our usual approach of adding additional features and content, we have the physical rulebook, the print roster feature and expansions in the pipeline.

For the physical rulebook, it will have all the downloadable rules, including an exclusive premade Faction booklet containing 120 units with weapons. This allows players to quickly make an army with some common races/themes without using the WARSURGE app.

When available, we'll have a kickstart pre-launch page that you can sign up for. When it’s here, be sure to share it with your friends who have been waiting for a physical rulebook. There will be stretch goals which include translations into other languages, a physical quick start booklet among other possibilities.

In the app department, we are working on a small patch with some minor improvements and changes, then we will work on adding the Print Roster feature. We are aiming to have our first setting option in this small patch, the ability to disable the total points of saved rosters in the rosters menu, as some devices seem to be sluggish loading this area when there are many saved Rosters.

With the focus currently on the rulebook and associated tasks (such as the official WARSURGE Lore and photos of new affiliates), Narrative missions are currently on hold.

Models in photo by The Printing Goes Ever On. Gaming Mat by Deep Cut Studio.

The Printing Goes Ever On:

Deep-Cut Studio:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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