Progress Update #10

Progress Update #10

– August Update –

Development of Warsurge continues. Most of the app’s functions are ready, currently implementing ‘quality of life’ upgrades, bug fixes and other features to make army creation fast and easy. Currently testing on Android, then will move to Apple when that is complete.

Attached to this update is a photo of a Wargame Exclusive model “Chaos Possessed Cultist with Heavy Machine Gun”, which will appear in the WARSURGE rulebook and tutorial videos. Currently it’s unpainted, but that will change soon!

-Narrative Games-
For launch, we will have a set of 12 different ‘Narrative’ games to play. They come in three kinds: Solo, Party and Clash. Solo games are intended for one player. Party is for two or more players playing a cooperative game. Clash is a special type of competitive game, which will have unusual conditions and special victory conditions. All of them are intended to be very interesting or fun, and will change things up compared to conventional games.

-Other News-
Camera Accessories: We’ve acquired a track which will help with filming.

Play Test Launch: Before beginning the marketing campaign, we will do a quiet launch to allow players to try the game and test it. We welcome feedback, especially in terms of bugs as well as gameplay. This will take place after the closed beta is finished.

Lore Delay: Due to time constraints, the next lore segment is still delayed.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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