Progress Update #11

Progress Update #11

– September Update –

Developments continue on several fronts with the project. There are new Perks for Unit customisation, the first wave of Narrative missions have been drafted and there’s also continued advancement on the Warsurge app itself.

Attached is a photo with a sample of our finished sci-fi scenery which we will use in the rulebook and batreps. It’s all painted and ready to go! The selection includes buildings from Micro-Art Studio, teleport pad by Coastal Creations 3D and Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio. The miniature in the middle was designed and printed in house ourselves.

-App Development-
Currently we are working on account features, so that you can log in and share your profile data across multiple devices. For example, you might work on your profiles at home on the PC, then sync it with your phone (or perhaps the other way round!).

Narrative Games are special missions, quests or battles. Some are for solo play, some are coop and others are competitive. The first wave of Narratives have been drafted, there are 12 so far: four for each of Solo (single player), Party (cooperative) and Clash (player vs player).

-Other News-
Lore Delay: Due to time constraints, the next lore segment is still delayed.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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