Progress Update #12

Progress Update #12

– October 2019 Update –

We are still working on several fronts for the project. Main focuses at this time:

1) Preparing affiliate miniatures for photography and video.
2) App development with iPhone and Account login being chief focus at this time.

Attached is a photo with miniatures from Megalith Games (Godslayer) with Halodynes fighting against the Banebrood .The selection includes humble aquarium scenery, and a stone themed Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio.

-App Development-
There are two new ‘stats’ that you can edit on Units and Weapons.

Lore: The Lore button is optional and will let you write background information about a Weapon or Unit that you’ve created. When you share your data with QR Codes, your opponents will also be able to read and learn more about your characters, armies and weaponry.

Symbol: You can select an optional icon to distinguish a Weapon or Unit, which can be useful when browsing your saved data or a roster. It also adds a little personal touch, but you may also choose to leave it blank if you prefer! See the attached photo for a little sneak preview of the 150 icons planned at this time.

-Other News-
Lore Delay: Due to time constraints, the next lore segment is still delayed.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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