Progress Update #13

Progress Update #13

– November 2019 Update –

In this update, we’re continuing work in the same areas of the project as mentioned in October. Main focuses right now are:

1) Preparing affiliate miniatures for photography and video
2) App’s Information Feature
3) Development for iPhone

The ‘i’ button in many areas throughout the app will provide information or help. It will explain how to use the app and other details, such as how to create your characters and units. This will be achieved with a series of slides that explain what buttons do along with other info. A sample image is attached.

Thanks to affiliates, we have the following army themes for demonstration and photography in the book:
Ancient Fantasy, Medieval Fantasy, Pirates, Sci-fi and Steampunk/Sci-fi. We’ve got knights, monsters, power armoured soldiers, vehicles and more, shared between nine or so different factions/races.

Attached is a photo of a clash between pirates and local guard forces in a town. The selection includes models from Firelock Games (Blood and Plunder), buildings and terrain from Zealot Miniatures, and Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio.

There is a new lore chapter for Warsurge: The Nature of Power. It is now available to read online. Check it out here:

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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