Progress Update #14

Progress Update #14

– December 2019 Update –

Welcome to December’s update. We are beginning to enter exciting times for Warsurge, as we are planning to commence local play testing for Android and iPhone this month. Once our iMac system is ready to load the app onto iPhones and a few tweaks are made, we will be ready.

Currently we are focusing on:

1) Affiliate miniatures and photography for the Rulebook
2) Implementing App’s Information (Help) Feature
3) Tweaks and features to be implemented for local play tests

The main focus during play tests will be the competitive (PvP) part of the game. Both playstyles of Standard (armies) and Advanced (skirmishes) will be tested.

When the tweaks to the app are complete, the Narrative (single player, cooperative and special PvP) missions will be reviewed and tested as well.

Attached is a photo of dwarves clashing with chaos knights outside a snowy village that is celebrating Christmas. The models are from Avatars of War along with an inhouse 3D Print (the monster up the back) and Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio.

There is a new lore chapter for Warsurge: Oppression. It is now available to read online. Check it out here:

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Merry Christmas!

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