Progress Update #16

Progress Update #16

– February 2020 Update –

Welcome to the WARSURGE February update for 2020.

We have now finished the initial photography required for the rulebook to playtest and are currently implementing these images. To this end, we decided to delay the expanded wave of local playtests to focus on finishing the rulebook so both the app and rulebook can be tested at the same time. Local play testers will be contacted this month.

A major update and rework has been made to the free eBook when you subscribe to WARSURGE. It is now: ‘Miniature Wargaming and You’. This eBook is available when you sign up to our mailing list on the WARSURGE website, though existing subscribers should have already received an email linking to the updated book. If you have subscribed and did not receive it, please check your junk folders. If it’s still not there and you’re certain it’s the correct email, please get in touch with us. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for the free eBook and also download free wallpapers at:

In terms of game development, we are currently focusing on:

1) Inserting photos and images into the rulebook
2) Adjustments to Perks and Stats for game balance
3) Stress testing QR Code functionality and UI
4) Additional Symbols and Perks to customise Units and Weapons

Attached is a photo of Halodyne and Banebrood miniatures from Godslayer by Megalith Games. Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio, building models are from pet stores and aquariums.

Another photo contains models from Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games. Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio, ship made by Printable Scenery (printed by OTP Terrain).

A sample weapon profile, a ‘Grenade’, is attached. It has been customised to be used once per game from any model in a unit. It causes a small explosion that can hit multiple models and stun them.

Due to heavy work on the rulebook and photography, the next Lore section for WARSURGE has been delayed. We are aiming to have it ready next month.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Halodynes engage the Banebrood (models by Megalith Games, Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio)
Pirates by Firelock Games, Ship by Printable Scenery
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