Progress Update #18

Progress Update #18

– April 2020 Update –

Welcome to the WARSURGE April update for 2020.

Local playtests are continuing. Feedback has been very positive, with some new Perks added as a result. We will expand the play tests when we are ready for online tests, hopefully this month.

In terms of game development, we are currently focusing on:

1) Finishing and play testing the first three Narrative Games
2) Filming videos for tutorials and marketing
3) Setting up for app stores

In the first photo, a Plague Angel has descended upon a village with dark skies. The Plague Angel is by Creature Caster, the building models are by Zealot Miniatures and the Gaming Mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

In another photo, a Light Biker Squadron is pursuing a Revengewing Biker. The Light Bikers are by Puppetswar and the Revengwing Biker is by Wargame Exclusive, the ramparts are by Printable Scenery and the Gaming Mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

The last picture is a battle between a Son of War and a Warrior of Wrath. The Son of War is by Megalith Games and the Warrior of Wrath is by Avatars of War, the Gaming Mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Plague Angel by Creature Caster, Village by Zealot Miniatures, Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio
Light Biker Squadron by Puppetswar, Revengewing Biker by Wargame Exclusive, Ramparts by Printable Scenery, Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio
Son of War by Megalith Games, Warrior of Wrath by Avatars of War, Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio
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