Progress Update #19

Progress Update #19

– May 2020 Update –

Welcome to the WARSURGE May update for 2020.

Currently we are preparing for online tests for Android with our play testers, which we are expecting to commence in the next 1-2 weeks. If all proceeds well, the app will be tested on iPhone next.

We are also working on videos for advertising and tutorials. Players who do not enjoy reading books can instead watch a video to learn how to play the game and manage their armies with the app.

In the first photo, Hoplites are prisoners, fighting against a Chimaerain an arena. The miniatures are by Megalith Games and the building models are by Printable Scenery.

In another photo, Dwarves are engaging the Banebrood in a cold, snowy region. The Dwarf miniatures are by Avatars of War, the Banebrood by Megalith Games and the Gaming Mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

The last picture is a Heresy Hunter Inquisitor, with bodyguards on either side (a Dead Dog and a Red Pact soldier). The miniatures are by Wargame Exclusive, the buildings are by Micro Art Studio, and the Gaming Mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Models by Megalith Games, Scenery by Printable Scenery
Models by Avatars of War and Megalith Games, Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio
Models by Wargames Exclusive, Scenery by Micro Art Studio, Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio
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