Progress Update #7

Progress Update #7

March update!

Development of WARSURGE is continuing along steadily. Here is an update on several fronts for the project:

1) App: Currently developing the game app’s appearance, UI, QR functionality and fixing bugs.

2) Miniatures: Sci-Fi models are progressing. A random WIP shot is among the images in this update.

3) Game: Finalising Perk options. There are exciting, new combinations and ways to attack, including the ability to seize and damage units (for example, a monster could eat and digest a unit, even recover HP with the method). The PvP and PvE game modes are being reviewed soon as well.

4) Lore: Last week the Birth of Novus was released, with the next story being the ‘Arcanum Conflict’. Science and sorcery will clash as an empire fights for dominance in the next instalment. Read the Lore stories here:

5) A new video is in the works, giving a snapshot demonstration of the power of the WARSURGE app and game system.

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Stay tuned!

– Richard

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