Progress Update #8

Progress Update #8

May Update:

We are now able to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ on the development of WARSURGE.

1) Rulebook: The rulebook is about to undergo its final edit. We will be using the miniatures and scenery of affiliates to facilitate this, giving us excellent opportunities for photography and to advertise their work on the tabletop.

Furthermore to the rulebook, we are finalizing the PVP and PVE game types. We have additional content that will be released as updates or expansion material, such as Dungeons and Campaigns.

2) App: Currently finalizing the game app’s functionality, appearance and fixing bugs.

3) Game Perk Options. We are still adding more options to grant as much customization as possible. There are exciting, new combinations and ways to attack, for example a monster could eat a unit and even recover HP by doing so. Also working on Perks that allow transformation among others.

4) Lore: Last week ‘Alone in the Dark’ was released, focusing on the Dark Artist Lucille and her predicament. The the next part to the story is coming soon. Read the Lore stories here:

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Stay tuned!

– Richard

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