Progress Update #9

Progress Update #9

– July Update –

Progress is continuing steadily with Warsurge. A week of heavy app development has produced a lot of improvements and the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter.

Attached to this update is a screenshot of the current main menu screen.

– Camera and Audio –
We recently purchased a new camera, which is excellent for the rulebook photos and filming of video. For tutorials and battle reports, we now have a dual microphone system.

– Play Test Launch –
Before beginning the marketing campaign, we will do a quiet launch to allow players to try the game and test it. We welcome feedback, especially in terms of bugs as well as gameplay. This will take place after the closed beta is finished.

For launch, we have two ‘Playstyles’. We’ll discuss the fine details another time, though in essence one Playstyle is for armies clashing and the other for skirmish games. There is a third playstyle being planned for later release, which we are keeping for a surprise.

– New Affiliates –
We extend a warm welcome to our new affiliates, as well as a heartfelt thanks to our existing affiliates.

– Lore Delay –
Due to time constraints, the next lore segment is still delayed.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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