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Prepare for warfare in a tabletop game where you design and fight with any army you want. The WARSURGE Rulebook teaches you how to play the game and provides a wealth of additional content.

You can use all of the miniatures in your collection to play. With Missions, Narratives, Campaigns and different Playstyles to choose from, WARSURGE has plenty of content for both beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

WARSURGE is set in a vast multiverse; the overshadowing story of all existence. Each universe is linked by portals, rifts and cracks in reality that are bridged by the Infinite Dark. This 'Omniverse' is limitless, transcending time and space; which justifies players to use anything and fight everything.


Hardcover book, 300 pages.

As a special offer, the WARSURGE Rulebook also contains the Narrative: Precipice of Infinity softcover book.

Precipice of Infinity

As a battle between techology and magic rages above a temple for the fate of the Omniverse, other conflicts are also taking place. This booklet allows you to fight in these battles... and shape your own timeline.

The Precipice of Infinity is a set of Narrative games suitable for 1-5 players using the WARSURGE tabletop wargame system.

You can participate in these games using the profiles within, or select profiles in the WARSURGE Compendium, or create your own using the WARSURGE App. It is recommended to read the Free Rules or the WARSURGE Rulebook before taking part in this tabletop adventure.

The following Narrative games are in this book:

The Sanctum of the Spheres (Solo: 1 Player)
The Ring of Realms (Party: 1-4 Players)
Clash of Novus (Clash: 2-5 Players)

Softcover book, 50 pages.

WARSURGE Rulebook (English, USD)

SKU: WarsurgeRB1-0
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