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Modifications to your games of WARSURGE

Below we have a list of Mods that you can apply to your games of WARSURGE. Mods are optional rules that all participating players must agree to before they are used.


- Mod List -

Download the Print Priendly PDF or review the list below.

Unit Facing

Players can add 'facing' to any of their single model Units, declared before starting the game. Imagine an X over the model, giving the model a 'front', two 'sides' and a 'rear'. This is particularly useful for vehicle models, but players must decide the facing of a model before starting the game.

When enemy Units attack, each model measures against the closest facing. The facing which is attacked will have an effect on the model's Defence:


  • The Front is +1 to Defence

  • The Side is equal to Defence

  • The Rear is -1 to Defence

If attacked in a Melee, all Attacks count as hitting the Rear, which is -1 Defence.

Fog of War

Players cannot see where players are placing their Units during Deployment, but are unveiled after all have finished.

To have privacy, players can set up a partition or curtain between Deployment Zones and remove it when all are finished.

Alternatively, players can take it in turns deploying whole armies, covering the army over with a cloth or sheet before letting another player enter the area.

Dual Dice

Use both D6 and D10 during a game.

  • D10 for Attack Dice and Roll-Offs

  • D6 for everything else (Saves, Perks, etc).

Refer to D10 Mode in the WARSURGE Rulebook for a D10 Attack Dice Chart.

Know Thy Enemy

Players only reveal Unit information to opponents on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. For example, when you attack a Unit is when you’ll discover its Defence stat. Players would avoid scanning Roster QR Codes in the WARSURGE App.

Universe Theme

The battlefield location and armies are focused on certain themes. For example, a medieval, fantasy, sci-fi or steam-punk themed game.

Special Terrain

Use one or more Special Terrain Pieces, discussed in Section 10 of the Core Rules.

Terms of Engagement

Players set a minimum and/or maximum limit for the number of models or Units in the game. There may be other requirements as well, such as having a minimum number of single model Units, or Units with certain Perks.

In addition, players may use the Roster Organisation Chart, detailed in the downloadable WARSURGE Mods PDF at the bottom of this page.

Zero Hour Roster

Players create their Rosters just before Deployment, knowing the full details and objectives of the game.

Time Attack

Players must quickly decide where to direct Movement or Weapons with each Unit. By default, this is 10 seconds to decide, but players can agree to make this more (such as 20 seconds) or less (5 seconds). Note that once a Unit is being repositioned or dice gathered to roll, the timer is to be disregarded, as this is to speed up decision making (however, dawdling with the dice or models is not welcome, considering that players may try to use that time to think or procrastinate).

It is recommended to have a timer or clock conveniently placed for reference.

  • Standard Games: if a player exceeds the timer, the next opponent may select a Unit of that player to be inactive in this Phase.

  • Advanced Games: if a player exceeds the timer, it costs the player 1 CP but they may still make an Action.

Limited Visibility

The Battlefield could be covered in darkness or thick fog, creating negative Dice Modifiers for Attacks depending how far away a target is, or lowering maximum range of Weapons by a percentage (such as 50%). Units could have the ‘Stealth’ Perk for free, or a bonus to Defence or AEGIS Saves for as long as the Limited Visibility lasts (or from when the Limited Visibility begins on a given Game Turn). Players can discuss what they feel is appropriate for the game or use the following guide below.

In dark areas, or Game Turns where there is Limited Visibility, the Turn Master rolls a D3. Players apply the result to all Units on the Battlefield.

1) Weapon Range reduced by 50%, Melee Attacks suffer a -1 Dice Modifier.
2) All Weapons suffer a -2 Dice Modifier.
3) All Units gain the 'Stealth' Perk and becomes automatically active at the start of the Game Turn. If the Unit already has Stealth, it gains +1 to AEGIS.

Sudden Death

Whenever the top scoring players are a draw at the end of the game, continue another Game Turn, but only with those players. If the Rosters of these remaining players are 100% destroyed at the end of the Game Turn, then it is a draw.

Mayhem (Tactical Strike)

Instead of players having one objective in each 'family' for Competitive Games of Tactical Strike, it is completely random what players can receive.

When generating Objectives, roll a D3 before the D6. The number on the D3 determines what group the D6 belongs to.

1 = Marker
2 = Combat
3 = Territory

For example, a D3 of 2 followed by a D6 of 3 is ‘Slayer’. Players can agree either to reroll duplicate results, or make duplicate results worth double, and triple results triple value for OP.

Strategy Points

This Mod allows players to generate points to spend on Strategic Abilities which can influence Units, dice or even the flow of the battle itself.

Each Game Turn, all players gain 2 Strategy Points (SP). SP continues to add to a player’s total each Game Turn. For example, a player will have generated 6 SP by Game Turn 3. A player may use several Strategy Abilities in a single Game Turn if they have enough SP. All players have access to the following abilities, which cost SP to use:

-Strategy Abilities-
1 SP: Reroll 1 dice that you rolled.
1 SP: If you have Deployed a Unit this Game Turn and it has not used or been targeted, you may return it to Reserve.
1 SP: You may skip yourself from making an action with a Unit, causing the next player to make an action. For example, if it is your turn to move a Unit, you may skip it now and make the move later.

1-2 SP: If any Unit is using a Deployment Perk that requires a Mastery Test, you may improve that Mastery Test by +1 or worsen it by -1 at the cost of 1 CP before rolling dice. You may increase this to being a +2 or -2 at the cost of 2 CP. For example, a 4+ Mastery Test with +1 improvement becomes a 3+.

2 SP: After using a Unit, the player skips all players and may make an action again. For example, you may attack with a Unit, then attack with another Unit.
2 SP: You may select a Unit and remove all negative Perk effects (such as Weapon Afflictions) from that Unit.

3 SP: A friendly Unit of your choice gains a -1 modifier to all enemy Attack Dice that target it.
3 SP: A friendly Unit of your choice gains +1 modifier to all Attack Dice with all their Weapons.
3 SP: You may choose to reroll any dice from a roll you just made. For example, you are rolling 17 Armour Saves and fail most of them, you may reroll the failed dice.

4 SP: If the game has ended, you can extend it by 1 Game Turn.

6 SP: For the whole Game Turn, your entire roster gains a +1 modifier to Attack Dice.
6 SP: For the whole Game Turn, your entire roster gains a -1 modifier to enemy Attack Dice that target your Units.

Single Save

This Mod changes Armour and AEGIS Saves. Players can only choose the best Save available to them at any time and cannot roll both against the same Attack. Note that Wild Armour and Emergency Shield are not affected by this Mod.

(Inch to CM)

This Mod reduces the space needed to play by over half, which is handy for small battlefields and extra small scale miniatures.

Convert all measurements from inches (") to cm (metric). Include Move, Range, Dash, Coherency and other distances too. When feet are referenced for measurement (for setting up a playing area), each foot (') of measurement is converted to 12cm.

Heal Factor

HP+ no longer applies to Perks for recovering HP. Any amount of HP can be restored.

Front Line Fatalities

Instead of players choosing their own casualties, the following applies:

1) HP Loss and casualties must be applied to models closest to the attacker.

2) Mode Perks that use templates and 1mm lines first apply casualties to models under the template or line, starting with models closest to the attacker. If all those models are casualties, instead apply to models closest to the attacker.

Perks that ignore normal casualty removal (such as Precision, Leader, War Master etc) apply as normal.

Scaled Minimum Unit Cost

A Unit’s minimum point cost is 5% of the roster/point limit. To calculate this, divide the total points by 20. For example, if the point limit is 500pts, the minimum cost is 25pts per Unit. If the point limit is 1000pts or higher, the minimum cost of each Unit is 50pts (as per usual).

Difficult Ground 2.0

Only apply the slowing effects of Difficult Ground to the Movement distance while inside a Difficult Ground area, not the entire Movement. For example, a Unit with 10” Move has moved up to Difficult Ground using 4” of its Move. Its remaining 6” instead becomes 3” inside the Difficult Ground.

Initiative Order

Units are resolved by order of the ‘fastest’ in the army before alternating Unit-by-Unit. To do this, we determine a ‘Speed’ value for each Unit, which is done as follows: Move + Dash - Armour = Speed
These refer to the current values for a Unit. So, a Unit suffering afflictions that reduce these Stats apply for Speed too.

The stronger the Armour, the greater a penalty of the Unit. It is -1 to Speed for each grade of Armour:
6+  =   -1       5+  =   -2       4+  =   -3       3+  =   -4       2+  =   -5
Therefore, a Unit with 6 Move, 6 Dash and a 3+ Armour Save would have a Speed value of 8 (6 + 6 - 4 = 8). A Unit’s Speed can be a negative value, such as 3 Move, 0 Dash and a 2+ Armour Save would be -2.
If a player has multiple Units with the same Speed, they can be resolved in any order. If more than one player has Units with the same Speed, they are resolved in an alternating (or clockwise) fashion as normal.
If a player has several Units joined together (such as Leader), refer to the Unit with the lowest Speed value.
Advanced Games: This Mod is not recommended for Advanced Games.

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