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In this area, you can download all files related to playing WARSURGE. We have Quick Start booklets, the full Rulebook, Narratives, Print Friendly Rules and also 3D Printer files.

If you would prefer to watch videos to learn how to play, click the button below.

Quick Start Rules

Quick Start Booklets teach you how to play WARSURGE very quickly.

Downloads: Text

Full Rulebook

The Rulebook contains all the details of playing WARSURGE.

Print Friendly Rules

Although not as visually impressive as the usual eBooks, the Print Friendly versions will save ink if you wish to print them.


Narratives are special missions or stories to play. They offer gaming options for single player, cooperative and alternative competitive games.

3D Printer Files

These files contain markers for Perks, Advanced Game Actions, Map Campaign Buildings and templates for Mode Perks. Alternatively, you can craft the Mode Perk templates. Refer to the Perk Templates book in the Full Rulebook area.

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