In this area, you can download all files related to playing WARSURGE. We have Quick Start booklets, the full Rulebook and also 3D Printer files. Browse this page to see what is available.

Note that due to the download server, you will need to name the files yourself. The contents of zip files are named as normal.

WARSURGE requires the app to be played properly, and there are videos which can teach you how to play as well.


Quick Start Booklets

Quick Start Booklets teach you how to play WARSURGE very quickly. There are videos available for many of these booklets as well, found in the 'How to Play' area of the website.

Warsurge Cover FX.jpg

Full Rulebook

The Rulebook is divided into sections that focus on an aspect of the game.

CastleSiege final 3 - sharpen more.jpg

3D Printer Files

These files contain markers for Perks, Advanced Game Actions and templates for Mode Perks. You will need a 3D Printer or to contact a company (such as Printable Scenery or OTP Terrain) who deals in 3D Prints to use these files.

Alternatively, you can craft the Mode Perk templates. Refer to the Perk Templates book in the Full Rulebook area.

Alchemist F - Fix banner crop.jpg

Print-Friendly Rules

Although not as visually impressive as the usual eBooks, the Print Friendly versions will save ink if you wish to print them.

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