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WARSURGE books are available through the webstore. Digital books and content can be found through MMF, and Italian versions of the books can be purchased through VEA Editori, listed in the 'other distributors' below.

Other Distributors

WARSURGE digital books are also available through MMF and Wargame Vault (coming soon). The Italian version of WARSURGE (physical only) is available through VEA Editori.

Warsurge Book Cover Kickstarter.jpg


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My Mini Factory


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VEA Editori

Wargame Vault will have the digital version of the WARSURGE books.


My Mini Factory have model STLs for 3D Printing, and also have the WARSURGE digital books available.

VEA Editori has translated and sells the Italian version of WARSURGE. You can acquire the physical books through their online shop.

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