Give it a Try

Before you get to designing Units and Weapons with the WARSURGE App, feel free to give the game a go with a sample army.


Step 1: Quick Start Booklet or Video

Learn the Basics before playing

Quick Start Booklets teach you how to play WARSURGE very quickly. There are videos available as well, found in the 'How to Play' area of the website. Below we have the basics booklet and video for your convenience.


Quick Start: Basics Video

Learn the basics in 12 minutes. Covers the material in the Quick Start: Basics booklet.


Click on the VIMEO text at the bottom right of the video to view it on VIMEO instead.


Step 2: Download Sample Army

Download and use the Sample PDF

The Sample Army PDF has several preset Units that were designed with the WARSURGE App, ready to jump into a game.


Step 3: Play

Make a Roster using the Sample Army PDF

Get into a game using an army you created with the Sample PDF above, then experience the rules in action. We believe you'll enjoy the gameplay and want to unleash your entire miniature collection using the App!