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Engage with other Players

Tabletop War Games are about connecting and participating with other players; whether it be about battles, the hobby or just having a discussion about your projects! If you are on any of the following platforms, you can join in the conversation or look for players to engage in battle.

Digital social media

Facebook Page


Facebook Group

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QR Code Website

The WARSURGE page has updates and announcements about the game, and allows users to participate in posts.

The WARSURGE Facebook Group allows users to gather and talk about subjects related to the game. You can discuss your miniatures, the battles you play as well as the hobby. You can also talk about ideas and projects too!

This website is managed by fans of WARSURGE. Here, you can find QR Codes to import entire Factions from a variety of miniature ranges into WARSURGE.

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QR Code Group

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This Facebook Group is managed by fans of WARSURGE. Here you can quickly share and download QR Codes made by other players.

Look at photos of miniatures and hobbyist projects on Instagram.

WARSURGE will tweet from time to time. If you're on Twitter, you can read about news, updates and announcements on this platform.

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Broadcast Video Camera


Gaming Station


Reddit has a variety of communities where you can discuss subjects of interest. You can also discuss WARSURGE there with other players!

WARSURGE's YouTube channel has tutorials and short videos, along with battle reports that use affiliated models.

WARSURGE has its own Discord server, where you can connect and communicate with other players. Discuss the hobby, your armies, battles and more.

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Warsurge Italia

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WARSURGE Italia is a Facebook Group dedicated to Italian Warsurge Italian players. If you can't read Italian, you can still see what is going on with Facebook's translations.

WARSURGE's Twitch channel is where we can stream any live videos or interviews. This service is currently not being used, but you can follow it for when it's up and running.

You can follow WARSURGE's Pinterest account here, though it is rarely used compared to the other social media listed on this page.

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