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Tales of the Omniverse

Stories of war and adventure, submitted by players and enthusiasts.

The Children of Whispers

By Caden Burkhead

"The clock struck 13.00 and the entire sun was covered by the moon. Michael flipped the switch."

Brute Rampage

By Dallin Bainum

"Their numbers are like a murder of crows. They swarm across the Rubblebelt, screaming and shooting at nothing, and everything. Their approach was swift but not subtle."

Diary of John Tritony
February 31st, 1940

By Ethan Thomas

"After a bit of wandering, I found the portal station Franklin mentioned. All of them seemed to be
in a different style. From stone archways to bone, shining steel to polished brass and a few
materials I don’t even feel comfortable guessing at."

Diary of John Tritony
July 10th, 1948

By Ethan Thomas

"Augustus meant one thing, at least three armies were here. I had no real idea who we were reinforcing, but according to Maria they were Americans, that was good enough for me."

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