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Gameplay: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want a Unit that has a mix of models: some with swords and shields and some with two-handed weapons. I want the models with shields to be tougher than the other models. How do I make this?

A: There are two ways. Either make use of Weapons that have Deflect, Ward or Parry (they do not need any attack stats) and equip those on the Unit. Be sure to know the rules for Deflect, Ward and Parry in the Warsurge Rules. Alternatively, create a Unit for the two handed Weapons, and create a different Unit for the models using shields. Give the shield Unit the extra defensive stats you desire, then give it the Bodyguard Perk, which can be found as a Unit Perk under the 'Leadership' family. This will cause the Unit with shields to take damage first, protecting the other models. Have the two Units join together in a game.

Q: I live by myself in a very small town, and don't get a lot of opportunities to travel or meet people for games. Is there content I can play?

A: Yes. We have Narrative Missions that are intended for one player to complete by themselves. You can also re-play the same Narrative and try to finish the Challenges that have been included. You could also play the Party Narratives and treat yourself as more than one player. Another thing you could do is practice against yourself in Competitive Games, similar to how players may practice against themselves in chess.

Alternatively, there is a growing community of players who are into Tabletop Simulator, who play WARSURGE in a virtual environment online.

Q: I find it strange how I can have high-tech soldiers fighting knights in armour. They shouldn't stand a chance! How do I explain this?

A: In the WARSURGE Lore, there are many universes that can cross over. The Lore explains that even elements on an atomic level can vary from universe to universe. A story is provided where cyborgs with superior technology (and numbers) are beaten back by savages with spears. It is theorized that the flesh of the savages could be of greater density, or different physics to that of the cyborg's native universe - and were therefore able to endure the advanced weaponry.

Q: What size do my models have to be?

A: You can use any size and scale. We demonstrate in our books and videos around 25-35mm scales, but you could have the smaller 'epic' scale tanks and fleets, or use action figures to play. You could use people dressed up in cosplay even!

Q: I only have a tiny playing area. Any advice?

A: Switch all values of inches for cm (centimetres). This should cut the distance based stat values and space to play in by over half.

Q: Can I have one model for my entire army?

A: Yes.

If your problem is not listed here, please get in touch with us. If your issue is related to the app or eBooks, go to the Technical FAQ area.

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