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Connect App to Computer


WARSURGE can be connected to PC and Mac. We will list known methods and instructions below.

Note that this is not a dedicated computer version of WARSURGE, but some of these methods do not require you to have a smartphone.

Eventually, WARSURGE will have an 'any device' version that will run on a web browser. Until then, refer to the options below.

Powerful Computer

Mac and Windows

Requires: Computer (Mac or PC), BlueStacks and Google Play Account

You can connect the Google Play version of the WARSURGE App to your PC or Mac by installing a program called BlueStacks. It is a free, safe product that emulates Android devices and apps.


An advantage to this system is that you actually don't need a smartphone. However, as BlueStacks is an Android emulator, WARSURGE data is not synchronized between your phone and computer like some of the other options available. To sync your data between computer and phone, you will need to do so manually using QR/Text Codes in the WARSURGE App.

Note that iPhone users with the iOS version of the WARSURGE App will not be able to use that for BlueStacks. The Google Play version will be needed. On the plus side, you can still transfer WARSURGE data using QR Codes and Text Codes as normal between the two versions.


Visit the BlueStacks website to acquire the program:

There are multiple versions to choose from. Select the one that most suits your system and needs. Following the instructions on their website, it should be relatively simple to install the software on your computer.

Once installed, you will need to log into the Google Play Store. The icon has been highlighted in the image below. After you have logged in, install your preferred version of WARSURGE then you're ready.

In BlueStacks' settings, having a higher DPI (such as 320 or higher) will enlarge the buttons and font without needing to alter the emulator's font size or resolution. If you wish to alter the resolution or font size, you can do so through BlueStack's settings in 'Display' (a cog symbol on the side bar interface), and you can adjust font size through 'System apps' folder (visible in the image below), then go into Settings and then Accessibility.

BlueStacks Screenshot Details.jpg

Windows 10 & 11

Requires: PC + Compatible Android Device

You can connect the WARSURGE App to your PC by downloading the app called 'Your Phone' onto your PC, and 'Your Phone Companion' on an Android device. It is a free, official product. Following the instructions and prompts between the phone and PC should be sufficient to get you started.

Note that 'Your Phone' may come already installed on Windows, but can be acquired for free. Likewise, 'Your Phone Companion' may be already on your Android device, but can be acquired from Google Play Store.

You will need a Microsoft Account on your PC to fully connect your device, but if you have an Outlook or Hotmail address, then you should be good to go.

An advantage to this method of connection is that the WARSURGE App will be synchronized to your computer, as you are controlling your phone through your computer itself.

On your Android device, bring down the list of utilities by swiping the top of the screen down, and expand them so you have the full screen. If you have 'Link to Windows' listed as an option, you should be able to use WARSURGE on your PC, along with many other phone apps.

link to windows 10 diagram.jpg

If it is not present on this screen, you may possess an older device that may not support this feature. 'Your Companion App' will still be usable, but with limited features (and may not support the use of apps from your computer).

When your device and PC are connected, you should be able to browse apps, and WARSURGE will be among them if it is installed on your smartphone. If you cannot browse your apps, then your phone does not support this feature.

Windows Screenshot Highlight.jpg

NOTE: As this is a connection from your smartphone to your PC, any profiles you save or edit will be applied directly to your phone.


Requires: Mac with Apple Silicon

Newer Macs with Apple Silicon (such as those with an M1 processor) are able to download and use apps associated with iPhones and iPads.

Sign in with your Apple Account on your Mac, then search the App Store for WARSURGE. Make sure you have iPhone and iPad apps included in your search.

Note that this does not require an iPhone, and will create a separate install to an iPhone. If you want to transfer data, you'll need to use QR or Text Codes, or other features that are being developed by the WARSURGE Team to transfer data.

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