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Learn about the universe of WARSURGE and how worlds are connected.

The stories are available as downloadable PDFs below.

The History of the Omniverse

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The Birth Of Paradise mk3 final touches

I. The Omniverse

“Everything is connected… Light both repels and nestles within the Infinite Dark.”
- Tome of the Old Cosmos

The Omniverse. This is all reality: the substantial and insubstantial, planes of existence both great and small; what is seen and unseen. It is all connected universes, multiverses, dimensions, worlds and realms. All of the Omniverse is linked and also separated… by the veil known as the Infinite Dark.

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II. End of the First WARSURGE

“They say history is written by the victors. It is now time for unveiling the truth.”
– The Prime Alchemist, to his Inner Circle of Acolytes

War never changes. All conflict is fuelled by hatred, greed or those defending from enemies with these motives. In both physical and metaphysical reality, vicious battles rage with no signs of ceasing. There are bitter feuds started in aeons past where warriors have long forgotten why they began fighting in the first place.

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III. Birth of Novus

“An ancient being – which can only be described as a god – witnessed a cosmos consumed by war, terror and hatred. He saved all life from extinction and crushed all aggressors. In his omniscient wisdom he shaped the universe. He established peace and prosperity then departed into the heavens. The most holy name of the ancient being was Creaos.”
– Chronicle of the Glorious Rebirth

“In the beginning, before life began, there was nothing. Before there was nothing, there was madness.” This is the opening sentence from the Book of Novus, an ancient and most holy tome describing the history of the cosmos shaped by Creaos. Only realms that survived the First WARSURGE would truly understand these words… for in truth, the Book of Novus spoke of this era of unceasing insanity and violence.

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IV. The Arcanum Conflict

“Power always comes at a price, and payment comes in many forms. There are times when others must pay for it, sometimes with blood. If you do perish this day, your sacrifice will not be in vain.”
–  Grandmaster Elzakaius, before facing a Novus Empire assault with his coven

To understand the Arcanum Conflict, one must first delve into the past of the Dark Artists and the Novus Empire.

The Dark Artists practiced various crafts together as covens scattered across the cosmos. Yet despite their secrecy, their numbers still grew; new generations of citizens born over the years steadily joined the ranks of the ‘cults’ nestled inside the shadow of the Novus Empire.

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The Birth Of Paradise mk3 final touches

V. Alone in the Dark

“With enough comprehension, one can bend reality to their whim.”
– The Arcania, Volume IV

Lucille, once baroness of the planet Roselius, stared out the grand windows of her enclave into a vast ocean of space filled with swirling energy currents, rocks, distant celestial bodies and other unknown matter. With her rift gate inanimate and unresponsive, along with no recognized stellar objects, she was trapped with no means of tracking time. Lost in her thoughts, she pondered the last few months prior to her imprisonment within the Infinite Dark.

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VI. The Nature of Power

“The quick path to power always comes at a price. Sometimes it is others who pay for it.”
– Proverb from the Book of Rebirth

Through the ornate window of her library, Lucille’s eyes followed a light that shot briefly across the black canvas of unending space. It eventually faded, where it came from or where it was going, she had no clue. Her guest, the void creature known as a Seeker, was divulging much about the nature of her universe, the Omniverse, as well as the power she knew as magic.

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VII. Oppression

“Thou shalt not pursue the dark and occult arts – sorcery, alchemy and acts that defy nature.”
– The First Terminal Law, from the Book of Novus

On the far reaches of a world covered in barren rock and vast wastelands, a lone space ship descended into the atmosphere. Super-heated from entry, the ship parted poisonous clouds as it surged toward the rugged landscape below. The vessel only had one passenger, a man clad in armoured robes with his face hidden beneath a hood. Landing and disembarking from the ship, his arrival was unheralded except for distant flashes of green lightning in the distance, followed by the roar of thunder from the ionic storm.

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VIII. The Eternal Pillars


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