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Rulebook Errata

Last Updated: 23.05.24

Corrections and changes to the Rulebook are listed below. They can be downloaded as a Print Friendly PDF via the button.

The updates and changes below are for the Rulebook First Edition,1.0.


Page 266 - Stronghold

Change the Game Length to be five Game Turns (instead of four).

Change ‘Attacker Respawn’ to ‘Defender Respawn’ and refer to the text below.

The Defender gains Respawn on all their Units. If the Unit already had Respawn, they can Respawn from where they became casualties. If the Unit has Resurrection I, they automatically pass their first D6 test (then may use Respawn if they fail later). If Resurrection II, they automatically pass each D6 test.

The Attacker Objective is changed to be as follows: If the Attacker has more than 25% of their Fortification Units remaining at the end of the Game, they are the victor. If the Attacker has 25% or less of their Fortification Units remaining (but not all destroyed), it is a draw.

Deployment Zones have been adjusted. Refer to 'Stronghold' on the last page of the print-friendly errata document/PDF, which can be downloaded in the link above.


Page 64, Sec. 5.16 - Using Deflect, Ward and Parry

Change the paragraph to be the following:

When the Transport is engaged in a Melee, embarked Units count as in the Melee but do not suffer the Movement restrictions from Section 4.4 (they may disembark, which leaves the Melee), and do not suffer the negative Dice Modifiers for using Battle and Heavy Weapons (see Section 5.8). However, Modifiers for Targeting Units in a different Melee and Targeting Units engaged with friendly Units still apply.

Page 74 and 77, Sec. 8.3 - Sorceress and Roman Legionary Jetbike

Their Mastery Perks should not have a rank.

Page 74 to 83, Sec. 8.3 & 8.4

Unit and Weapon Point Costs have changed. Scan profiles with the WARSURGE App to get current values.

Page 94, Sec. 9.2 - Deploy Action

Change the first paragraph of Deploy to be:

If the Unit is in Reserve, the player may Deploy this Unit. It can be placed inside a friendly Deployment Zone as described at Step 2 in Section 2.2, or may use a Deployment Perk once per Game Turn to Deploy.

Page 94, Sec. 9.2 - Attack Action

Change last word in the last sentence: Casualties are applied immediately, at the end of the Attack Action. (Instead of Sequence).

Page 205, Sec. 18.11 - Seize and Control

Objective Marker. Change to be the following:

If a player has a Unit within 2" of an Objective Marker, they are treated as controlling it. If an enemy Unit is also within 2", the Objective is contested and remains neutral, neither player being able to control it. A Unit can only control or contest one Objective Marker at a time.

Page 222, Sec. 20.4 - Sample Tournament Rules

Under Mods, change the reference to ‘Strategy Points’ to ‘Tactical Abilities’.

Page 264, Sec. 23.21 - Two Players Battle Tactics Chart

'Defensive' in the table heading should be ‘Deceptive’.

Page 278, Sec. 23.26 - Any Players (7+)

Change first paragraph to be:

If playing Map Campaigns and there is a majority Battle Tactic (Offensive, Consolidate or Deceptive), refer to the Battle using that tactic below. If playing a Linear Campaign, Roll-Off to decide the Battle. Note that as there are no Deployment Zones as reference for player order, the Turn Master picks the next player, then that player chooses who goes next, and so forth.

Page 291, Sec. 24 - Initiative Order Mod

This Mod was added along with the Intermediate Playstyle. This is how it functions:

Initiative Order: Units are resolved by order of the ‘fastest’ in the army before alternating Unit-by-Unit. To do this, we determine a ‘Speed’ value for each Unit, which is done as follows: Move + Dash - Armour = Speed

These refer to the current values for a Unit. So a Unit suffering afflictions that reduce these Stats apply for Speed too. The stronger the Armour, the greater a penalty of the Unit. It is -1 to Speed for each grade of Armour:
6+  =   -1       5+  =   -2       4+  =   -3       3+  =   -4       2+  =   -5

Therefore a Unit with 6 Move, 6 Dash and a 3+ Armour Save would have a Speed value of 8 (6 + 6 - 4 = 8). A Unit’s Speed can be a negative value, such as 3 Move, 0 Dash and a 2+ Armour Save would be -2.

If a player has multiple Units with the same Speed, they can be resolved in any order. If more than one player has Units with the same Speed, they are resolved in an alternating (or clockwise) fashion as normal.

If a player has several Units joined together (such as Leader), refer to the Unit with the lowest Speed value.
Advanced Games: This Mod is not recommended for Advanced Games.


Updated and complete Perk descriptions can be found in the WASURGE App and Compendium Vol: 1.


Page 119 - Damage Bonus Activation Term

Damage Bonus has received an update in the example text:

For example, HP Loss x10 and Terminate III will cause 100 HP to be lost when a Target fails its Saves against each Attack Dice.

Page 119 - HP Loss Activation Term

Change to:
HP Loss: The Perk takes effect or becomes available when the Unit (or Target) has lost HP. If a Weapon Perk requires HP Loss, then it must be ca
used by the Weapon through Attack Dice, and not by a Perk's effect (such as an Affliction) unless specified otherwise by a Perk.

Page 121 - Stat Change Activation Term

Change the first sentence to be:

The Perk applies a change to a Unit or Weapon’s current statistics.

Page 160 - Zap/Torrent

Change the Perk’s name of ‘Torrent’ to be ‘Zap’.

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