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Universal Miniature Wargame
Use Anything.
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“Spectacularly great gameplay experience, fully customizable profiles, that QR scanner for lists and the in-app dice rollers are absolute godsends.”

  • Viscerallyvisual

“Would definitely recommend to any Wargamer or anyone who has an interest in miniatures games.”

  • QuickFootie Designs

“This app is phenomenal, in its ability to create, whatever type of army, miniature, or character.”

  • Jace



- Use Anything, Fight Everything -

WARSURGE gives you the power to customise your entire collection of models or figures. You get to choose their stats, weapons and abilities. Additionally, players can share the profiles of their Units, Weapons and more using QR Codes.

There are many ways to play - whether you prefer battles, skirmishes, multiplayer or even single player. Use the button below to discover more about the virtually limitless world of WARSURGE.


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The App

The WARSURGE App is available for Android and iOS. It gives you a lifetime gaming. You'll never need to buy another rulebook again.

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Latest Updates

- News: July 2022 -

- Next major app feature is premade factions.
- Kickstarter launch planned for late August.
- You can sign up to be notified for the Warsurge Rulebook Kickstarter. Tell your wargaming friends!
- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/threebrothersgrim/warsurge-rulebook


Read the full article in the News Section of the WARSURGE website: https://www.warsurge.com/news

- WARSURGE App v1.3.1 Available -

Highlights of this update include being able to make a PDF of your Roster for printing. You can access this by going to the PRINT tab, which is the fourth tab alongside lore when creating or adjusting a Roster.

This update also has new Perk families, new Perks, adjustments and clarifications to existing Perks. There’s also a pop-up to confirm backing up data in the Settings area.

You can read about the changes brought in by the v1.3.1 update in the News Section of the WARSURGE website: https://www.warsurge.com/news

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