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WARSURGE is a Universal Miniature Wargame that allows you to use anything in your collection. And that is only the beginning...

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Latest Updates

Below you can read our latest news and updates at a glance.


- App Patch 1.0.23 and Books v1.01 Now Live -

The WARSURGE App and Rulebook has received updates. Here are the major notes:

WARSURGE App Patch 1.0.23

Added Roster Lore Tab for adding Lore and Symbol features to a Roster

Various Perk point value updates

Armoury display fixes

Multiple Perks have received updates to their descriptions

New term of Wielder added to many Weapon Perks, where an individual using a Weapon is more important than just referring to the Unit as a whole. Refer to Book 2. Perks for more details.

Rulebooks: v1.01

Perk Book has received updates from the WARSURGE App

Minor corrections and adjustments have made in the eBooks

Competitive Book has received adjustments in the 10 Steps to start a game, and Capture the Flag (in Missions) has been adjusted.

Perk Book has new terminology of ‘Wielder’, to assist with understanding Weapon Perks

- News: November 2020 -

Mods are available on the website.

Advanced Games tutorial video available in ‘How to Play’ area of website.

Lore for Rosters is being developed for the app.

Two battle reports to demonstrate the game have been filmed, awaiting to be edited.

A sample army is now available, which allows players to try WARSURGE before purchasing the app.

Three new Narrative missions are in development.

Community area of website has launched.

- MODS Now Available -

The MODS section of the website is now available, found in the dropdown from 'Game' in the navigation panel. In this area, you can find custom rules to apply to your games of WARSURGE (but all players must agree before using any of them). A PDF compilation of all mods will soon be added to that section as well.

-Quick Update: October 2020-

The Advanced Games tutorial video is now available in the How to Play area of the website.

Two demo battle reports are in development, which shall demonstrate both the Standard and Advanced Playstyles. One game will be 3 player, the other 2 player!

Discussions have begun for new features in the app. The details will be announced at a later date.

- News: October 2020 -

WARSURGE is now available on iOS and Android! Rules are available for free download!

A new ‘quick play’ tutorial video is ready: ‘Extra Details’, which is a follow up on the ‘Basics’.

A quick video tutorial of Advanced Games is in development.

New Narrative Missions are in the works.


The WARSURGE App is now available on Android and iOS. Go to the app area to select your device.

You can download the quick rules, full core rulebook or watch quick start videos to learn to play the game.

- Update: September 2020 -

Some big news this month. Firstly, the website has received a makeover.

Secondly, the internal tests are coming to a close… as we are going to be launching the open beta!

We will declare in a separate post when the beta is live, but we are aiming for next week.

As we continue to make progress, new ‘how to play’ videos will be added to the website.

- Update: August 2020 -

Internal online tests are continuing for Android and iOS. Feedback has been positive and new Perks and features have been added as a result of these tests.

Three ‘Quick Start’ booklets have been made to introduce new players to the game. They are currently being reviewed by play testers but they focus on the basics of the game, how to use the WARSURGE app and playing an Advanced game. Having a quick read through these should have most players prepared to play in a matter of minutes!

How to play videos are continuing to develop. There will be quick learn to play videos based on the quick start booklets.

Discussions are under way for launch of the open beta, which we hope to begin next month.

- Update: July 2020 -

Internal online tests have already commenced for Android. Feedback has been positive and new Perks and features have been added as a result of these tests. We are preparing for online tests with iOS (Apple) devices very soon, which will allow the internal test to begin in full. Once these tests are complete, we can launch the game.

In other areas, a quick play video and book, along with full learn to play videos that focus on the rulebook are being worked on. Several chapters of the rulebook will be ready as videos at launch, along with the quick play video as well.



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