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Progress Update #2

Progress Update #2 Hot

Greetings! It’s been quite a while since an update, so thought it would be a good time to do so! We’ve been very busy here! We’ve been hard at work on Warsurge, developing both the game system and app to go with it. It’s all ticking along nicely and without...

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Progress Update #1

Progress Update #1 Hot

Greetings! Just a small update discussing the Warsurge software. First of all, any sample footage and images you’ve seen in past articles are now obsolete. The interface and appearance has received a complete overhaul. I’ll provide updates with screenshots in due time, but simply put, it’s going to be fantastic....

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Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 Hot

Battle of Christmas 2017! If you like Christmas and War Gaming, you might be in for a treat. This year we had two Christmas themed games and you can read about it on our Battle Blog! To read the batrep, click here or the image below. We’ve also got a...

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Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 Battle Report! We’ve got a special RPG/Dungeon adventure game that features Rick and Morty along with several Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar models, along with some from Spellcrow and a few others. The game was a test of an RPG system we’re planning that gives customisation of...

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