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This guide will introduce you to WARSURGE and help you on your way.

Welcome to WARSURGE, a universal miniature war game where you can use any of your miniatures to engage in tabletop battles both great and small. Whether you’re a veteran of tabletop gaming or a newcomer, WARSURGE offers you a new and endless platform for gameplay. As we like to say, you can “Use Anything, Fight Everything.”


New to the Hobby?


The miniature wargaming hobby is essentially ‘model trains meets chess’.
Players collect and assemble miniature soldiers or figurines (many of whom paint them), then place them onto a table that is designated as a battlefield. Often the battlefield is decorated with scenery such as buildings or forests (but can be anything, such as ancient ruins or alien planets!).

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We won’t teach you how to assemble or paint your armies in this guide, but there are plenty of resources available online and in many hobby stores. In addition, you can check out our community and say hello to other players who can help you on your way! There’s a link to our community at the end of this guide.

What does WARSURGE offer to players? What are its features?


WARSURGE has a lot to offer players, both newcomers and veterans alike.

- Fully customisable armies using any miniatures
- Three Playstyles which allow for small to large scale encounters
- Any number of players, including options for teams or free-for-all multiplayer
- Narrative Games: Providing Single Player, Co-op and special player-versus-player missions
- Companion App which allows players an abundance of gaming utility
- Campaigns: Take over land, acquire resources and build up your empire over a series of battles



1 - Tools of the Trade: What you Need to Play


To play WARSURGE, you’ll need a playing area such as a board or table, some dice (six sided) and a measuring tape.


You’ll also need something to represent your army, such as soldiers, heroes, tanks or monsters. You can purchase these models in hobby stores or even 3D print your own army. We also have affiliate businesses who have models featured in our rules.

Models by Avatars of War and Megalith Games
Models by Puppetswar

2 - Starting WARSURGE: Learning the Game's Rules


Whether you have your army of models ready or you’re still deciding what you’ll play with, you’ll need to learn the core rules of WARSURGE so that you know how to play.

If you want a fast, easy way to learn the core rules of the game we have a quick how-to-play video that covers the basics. 

You can also download free rules from the website. They can be viewed in our traditional dark theme or we have made a print-friendly option. You can download them below: 

3 - Bring your Army to WARSURGE


Now that you have a grasp on WARSURGE’s rules, you need to bring your army to the tabletop. There are two ways you can do this; via our App or premade profiles in the Compendium book.

The WARSURGE App can be downloaded onto your device (phone or tablet) and allows you to design profiles for your models (known as Units in the game). There are two versions of the app:

WARSURGE: It can be downloaded for free, allowing you to produce Units but with limited features. You can unlock it for $1 (USD) a month subscription.

WARSURGE LIFETIME: Identical to the WARSURGE App, except that there is no subscription – once purchased there are no further costs.

The unlocked or LIFETIME App has a number of handy features, such as sharing your profiles or Rosters with other players, exporting your Rosters for printing and a journal to remember your games among other utilities.

This book (available as physical or digital) contains thousands of pre-created profiles for a multitude of popular armies that already exist in the hobby. You can also scan these armies directly into the WARSURGE App using QR Codes and then customise them.


When playing WARSURGE for the first time, we recommend trying the game with only a handful of Units and using only a few Perks (or even none!). Get a feel for the game in the ‘Standard’ Playstyle then customize your Units with special rules and abilities later. 

Models by Firelock Games

4 - Play the Game!


At this point, you know everything you need to play. Whether you win or lose, have fun, learn from your battles and adjust your army to suit your preferred tactics. Onward, to glory!


We hope you enjoy WARSURGE as much as we enjoyed making it.


WARSURGE Community
Find other players in the Community area of the WARSURGE website:

Overview of WARSURGE
What is WARSURGE? Read and watch some clips here:

How-to-Play Videos and Battle Reports
Here are more how-to-play videos and some sample games to watch:

You can find links to the two apps here, available for both Android (Google Play) and iPhone (Apple Store):

WARSURGE on Computer
There are ways to run the WARSURGE App on your computer. We have a guide here:

Compendium: Premade Unit Profiles
You can get the Compendium through our online shop:

Lore: The Multiverse of WARSURGE
If you’re a player who is interested in the story or lore as to why or how you can use any army in Warsurge, there is story of a multiverse written into the game’s rules. A sample of the story can be read here on the WARSURGE Website:

If you really enjoy the WARSURGE system after reading the free rules and learning to play, we would be delighted if you would purchase the full Rulebook (and perhaps the Compendium) so that you get the complete WARSURGE experience. The full rulebook has extra content such as new Playstyles, Campaigns and more. All the WARSURGE books are available as digital and physical. You can find them in the shop area of the Website, currently available in English or Italian:

Affiliate Miniatures
If you are looking to get an army to play Warsurge then we can recommend the businesses in the affiliates section of the website:

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