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April 2024 News

Welcome to the April 2024 news update for WARSURGE.

In the app department, we have released a small follow-up patch to the recent v1.3.39 update. In v1.3.41, we fixed a few calculation bugs and an issue while editing Units from a Roster due to the v1.3.39 performance improvements.

For the Warsurge Rulebook Kickstarter, the Leroy STL file is now available on MyMiniFactory (MMF). For Backers who’ve already received digital files, they’ll just need to log onto MMF and download it. If you’re a Backer who is having trouble downloading it, send us a message (preferably on Kickstarter) and we’ll help.

The Warsurge Collector’s Edition Leather books are in transit to our base in Australia. From there we’ll sign them and then ship them out. Thank you to the Collector Backers for your patience.

We are preparing to update the website for a ‘newcomers’ guide area, where players who are discovering Warsurge for the first time will have an easier way to learn about the game.

Models in the photo are by Megalith Games. The gaming mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.



Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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