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WARSURGE App Update 1.3.39

The next WARSURGE app update is now live on Google Play and Apple Store. If your device does not download it automatically, you can go to the app store and update it manually.

Adjustments have been made to vastly improve the performance of the app, especially when handling a number of complex unit and weapon combinations while building a Roster. Initial load of the app may take longer for those with a vast amount of saved profiles, but will otherwise run a lot faster.The following Perks have been changed, and two new perks have been added: Rally I and Rally II.Here are the details:



Adjusted Weapon Power Stat. Several values have received a point cost adjustment.


Rally I – New Perk:

Commander, Mastery, Specific, Radius (9), Point Cost (Double Max)

At the start of the Game Turn, before resolving Psychological or Affliction Perk effects, the User may perform one of the following to any Units, except itself, within 9 inches that meet the Point Cost criteria. Roll a Mastery Test for each Unit:Snap Out of It: The effects of Delirium and Panic are removed and/or prevented for the current Game Turn.Hold the Line: The effects of Terrify, Fallback and Morale are removed.Pull Yourself Together: Mastery Tests for Unstable and Execution may be rerolled.For Glory: The result for Conviction and Mastery Test for Frenzy may be rerolled.If two or more Units are Targeted for Rally by the User, the User cannot redirect damage to friendly Units (from War Master, Leader etc).

Rally II: functions as per Rally I but has a larger radius.


Multiple Affliction Perks have had slight cost reductions.

Hearty: Fixed a bug with Hearty not adding a cost for Power increase.Implacable I & II: Now they do not affect cost of Assault and Battle weapons.


Harmless updated:

The Weapon cannot cause HP Loss with Attack Dice. Instead, Attack Dice that succeed and would have caused HP Loss against the Target automatically pass Skill Tests for the Grapple Perk and Affliction Perks on this Weapon. Other Afflictions and Perks with added effects upon HP Loss (such as Burn or Warp) apply as normal. For Afflictions with ‘Stackable’, count each HP that would’ve been lost.


Loot updated:

Friendly Units that pick up a Loot Weapon must apply negative Unit Perk effects from the original Wielder, such as Accuracy 6+. Friendly Units that pick up a Loot Weapon cannot apply their own beneficial Perk effects to the Loot Weapon, such as Assassin. These restrictions do not apply to enemy Units that pick up a Loot Weapon.


Aura II: point cost reduction.

Combat Damage I & II: point cost reduction.

Resist I: increased point cost.

Resist II: The skill test is corrected to be -2 instead of -1, and increased point cost.

Fallback and Panic clash.

Changed Lucky to not have the bracket figure cost, but increased point cost and now affects weapon cost.

Mastery: increased point cost.

Offering and Sacrifice Perks have received a point cost increase.


Panic now has a line about not claiming or contesting objectives:

If failed, the User becomes Immobile, may not use any Weapons and cannot contest or claim Objectives.


Pusillanimous now occurs at the end of the game turn rather than start of next:

At the end of the Game Turn, check if the User has lost HP, or if the User only has 1 HP. If so, the User must roll 2D6.


Respawn updated text:

At the start of the Game Turn, the player may choose to use Respawn on the Unit. If already on the Battlefield, the Unit is removed as a casualty. The Unit is then restored to full HP, removes negative Perk effects caused by enemy Units and immediately Deployed via a Deployment Perk or within 6 inches of the Unit’s Deployment Zone board edge (or if a large model, as close as possible). In Advanced Games, this is performed before determining CP.


Undead change:

The User suffers doubled (x2) HP Loss instead of regaining HP from enemy Weapons with Heal, and loses HP from enemy Units using the Healer Perk on the User (not x2).


Cure I and II changes and Point Cost Increase: 

The User can remove all negative Perk effects from Afflictions (Weapon Perks) including Afflictions that manifest on a later Game Turn, Terrify and Maledictions (Unit Perks) on a Target Unit within 18 inches and line of sight.


Deleted ‘Panic’ from Courage


Penetrate I & II: Lowered the point cost.

Defend: point cost increased.


Deathblow has had wording change and cost change:

If the Target Unit is currently worth equal to or less than the User’s Current Point Cost, Deathblow will be active on the Weapon. If the Target Unit suffers any HP Loss to this Weapon but is not a casualty, roll 2D6. If the result is 9 or higher, the Target Unit loses 10% of its current HP (rounding up) multiplied by the HP Loss caused by the Weapon during the Attack Sequence. If the result is 12, the Target Unit is instantly reduced to 0 HP (becoming a casualty). If the result is less than 9, no additional effect occurs.

Multiple HP Loss from identical Deathblow Weapons by the same Unit do not cause additional tests.


Updated Volatile description text. Removed a line (refencing Friendly Fire and Furious) and changed the Heal reference line to this:

If the Volatile Weapon also has a Restoration Perk (eg. Heal or Repair), the Restoration Perk is not applied to the Wielder when Volatile occurs.


Harmless and Singular I & II clash.

Keen Eye: point cost increase.


Changed Revive I, II, III and Reanimate I, II, III text to change that they revive close to where they died. End of first line changed to “placed as close as possible to where the last model became a casualty.”

With a successful Mastery Test, all models of the slain Unit are brought back into Coherency at full HP, placed as close as possible to where the last model became a casualty.



Cybernetic: Lowered point cost.

Shielding Aura and Prescence: increased point cost.

Ignite II: Lowered point cost.

Nova III: increased cost.


Hijack: Added “while embarked” to the end of the second sentence:

The User can embark enemy Transports (ignoring the Transport Stat) and Attack embarked passengers. If there are no passengers in the Transport, the User takes control of the Transport while embarked.


Leech: Now has HP+ Activation Term.


Spell Steal: Wording change on 3rd line to:

If the Aether Test is successful against an Incantation Weapon, it may be redirected onto a Target within the Weapon's Range from the User.


Mission Master: Increased cost and also changed Deathmatch bonus to D6.


Singular I: Text change:

The Weapon must be able to cause at least 2 HP Loss in an Attack Sequence to use this Perk. Perks that only cause multiple HP Loss to specific Targets (such as Dismantle, Annihilate or Weapon Elements) or Critical Hit I or II require at least 2 Attacks on the Weapon.


Singular II: No longer clashes with Mode Perks.


Last Stand: text change:

The first time the User becomes a casualty, it instead removes all negative Perk effects and restores all HP, causing previous casualty models in the Unit to be returned into Coherency. This lasts until the User becomes a casualty again, until the end of the next Game Turn or until the Game ends, where the User is removed as a casualty.


War Master: text change, added “only” before “redirect” in the last two sentences:

If Attacked inside a Unit (Transport), a War Master only can redirect Attacks onto any other friendly Units that are also embarked. If in Reserve, the War Master may only redirect to friendly Units in (the same) Reserve.


Force I & II: added board edge as an option to trigger damage:

If the Target Unit is placed into contact with another Unit, terrain or board edge, the affected Units (the Target Unit and any Unit(s) they make contact with) receive additional damage (but does not engage a Melee). For each Unit, roll D6 Attack Dice and multiply by the number of (successful) Force Weapons in the Unit. These Attack Dice succeed on a 4+ and allow Saves.



Durable Armour Perks have received a wording change to second line:

If the Weapon’s Power is greater than the User’s (current) Defence by 4 or more, Durable Armour cannot be used against the Weapon.


Impact I & II: minimum range requirement reduced to 12 inches.

Rapid: minimum range requirement reduced to 12 inches.

Diffuse: maximum range increased to 24.


Increased cost of Precision 6+ with Critical Hit and Piercing Hit.

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