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March 2024 News

Welcome to the March 2024 news update for WARSURGE.

Hobby Homies had an introductory game with Nic (one of the Three Brothers Grim). It has Blood Angels fighting against Clone Troopers. You can watch it here on YouTube:

In the app department, we are still working toward squashing some processing bugs in the app, particularly when building rosters with complex units. We are currently testing some promising fixes we’ve made, and we won’t give up until it’s working as intended!

The WARSURGE Website now has an errata area, which lists changes that have occurred since the original rulebook print and other adjustments.

A number of perk changes are in development. Pending changes are as follows:

Combat Damage: Both ranks will further reduce Unit cost by 5%.

Resist I: Increased point cost.

Resist II: Fixed a text mistake (app only) that skill test is -2 instead of -1. Increased the point cost too.

Fallback and Panic will clash.

Panic: Text change that while affected, Unit will not claim or contest objectives.

Lucky: Will not have the bracket figure, but increased the percentage and will affect weapon cost.

Mastery: Point cost increase.

Offering: Point cost increase.

Sacrifice: Point cost increase.

Pusillanimous: Will occur at the end of the Game Turn rather than the start of the next.

Respawn: Text update - “The Unit is then restored to full HP, removes negative Perk effects caused by enemy Units and immediately Deployed via a Deployment Perk or within 6 inches of the Unit’s Deployment Zone board edge (or if a large model, as close as possible).”

Undead: Text update - "The User suffers doubled (x2) HP Loss instead of regaining HP from enemy Weapons with Heal, and loses HP from enemy Units using the Healer Perk on the User (not x2)."

Cure I and II: Text changes and Point Cost increase: "The User can remove all negative Perk effects from Afflictions (Weapon Perks) including Afflictions that manifest on a later Game Turn, Terrify and Maledictions (Unit Perks) on a Target Unit within 18 inches and line of sight.”

Courage: Text update - deleted the reference to Panic from Courage.

Penetrate I & II: Lowered the Point Cost.

Point Cost adjustments to Weapon Power Stats.

There are more changes coming in the next update.

For the Kickstarter many backers should have their packages, but there have been some delays in some places, with the latest to arrive being the signed editions. We would ask that you wait a few more weeks before reaching out to us to give your books a chance to arrive.

The Collector’s Edition rulebooks are approaching completion. Once received, we will arrange their delivery.

The next STL in production is Leroy from the Ebon Hunters. Soon he will be pre-supported then ready for download. We will announce when it is ready in a Kickstarter update. You can view the images in the Kickstarter update.

The WARSURGE Shop items are no longer listed as pre-order, as we are now accepting orders and able to ship.

Models in the photo are by Print Minis and Colossal Miniatures. The gaming mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Colossal Miniatures:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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