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August 2023 News

Welcome to the August 2023 news update for WARSURGE.

We’ve received all our feedback and done some extensive proof-checks, so the physical books are almost ready to go production. With this, we only have to proof check the Italian books (which have just finished being translated) and then they too will go to print.

As the English rulebook had been put to print relatively early, there will be a double-sided ‘Errata’ sheet to go with the book, as there have been small changes and corrections. Thankfully nothing too major. The Intermediate Playstyle rules are also included, both as a double-sided sheet and also in the ‘Precipice of Infinity’ Narrative, as they were not in the original rulebook run.

The first batch of model STLs from the WARSURGE Kickstarter are nearly ready. You can see a preview of them in the image for this month.

The WARSURGE App is nearly ready for an update. It will have a notable adjustment to point costs for certain Unit stats, Perk corrections/clarifications and a new Perk called ‘Singular’ with two ranks. It should be ideal for tank hunters and monster hunters, as it makes weapons cheaper – Rank 1 only allows the Weapon to knock out one model at a time, and Rank 2 is that each Attack can only knock out one model at a time. There are requirements though, such as having a Perk like Terminate equipped (basically, the weapon needs to be capable of knocking out multiple models with a single Attack Dice).

Models in the image are by Orakio’s Studio.

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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