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February 2021 News

Greetings! Welcome to our February news update for 2021. Our second Battle Report, featuring the Advanced playstyle, is nearing completion. We aim to have this ready either late February or early March. In the App department, the ‘Journal’ system is continuing in development, where you’ll be able to keep a record of the games you’ve played and make notes of what happened in the game. You’ll be able to keep a tally of various statistics too, such as the number of victories and defeats, as well as the Rosters that were used. In essence, it’s like a diary that can keep battle reports. There is now a website to scan and share QR Codes for Factions in WARSURGE. Go to the Community section of the WARSURGE Website to find other ways to connect with players. The QR Code Exchange website is at: The next Narrative missions are currently delayed; we hope to have a new one available in March. In the photo are miniatures by Wargame Exclusive and Puppetswar. The buildings are by Micro Art Studio, Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio. Stay tuned for more news and updates! - Richard

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