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January 2021 News

Greetings! Welcome to our first news update for 2021. We have our first sample battle report up, a three-player standard game. You can watch it on YouTube, or go to the ‘How to Play’ section of the WARSURGE website to watch it. YouTube link: We are still working on the sample Advanced Game, but we hope to have that available next month. In the App department, we have new features in the works. Currently, we are developing a ‘Journal’ system, where you’ll be able to keep a record of the games you’ve played. You’ll be able to keep a tally of your victories and defeats, as well as put some notes down for your future self to read. A single player Narrative is being drafted, called ‘Boss Rush’. The title insists upon itself, as you’ll take on a series of epic fights with a character of your design. In the photo are miniatures that were used in our new battle report. Left is the Plague Angel by Creature Caster, the middle image is a Gorelord by Megalith Games, and the right is a King’s Guard by Avatars of War. The buildings are by Zealot Miniatures, Gaming Mat by Deep-Cut Studio. Stay tuned for more news and updates! - Richard

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