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January 2023 News

Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2023 news update for WARSURGE.

The Kickstarter for the Rulebook and Compendium is approaching the end. Almost all of the stretch goals have been unlocked, granting extra factions for the Compendium, profiles for units themed after Warsurge’s own story and also files for 3D Printing them as miniatures.

There is another pledge goal, of which all backers with a reward will receive if unlocked. At $110,000, we will add a third, new playstyle as a small booklet or double-sided sheet: Intermediate. Like the other unlocked rewards, this will come at no extra cost to Backers.

Where Standard is good for battles and Advanced is good for Skirmishes, Intermediate falls somewhere between. There is no CP management like Advanced, but it has more freedom of actions then Standard. Intermediate also has a couple of interesting surprises that make it unique compared to the other two Playstyles. What are they? Perhaps time will tell…

The Italian translation of the Rulebook is continuing. When complete it will be our first language to implement into the app as well.

In the app department, we are doing some tests for new performance upgrades. The update is planned for the coming week. Just finishing a few last things before we launch it onto Google Play and Apple Store.

In addition to significant performance improvements, the update will bring clarifications and adjustments to many perks and rules which will be in line with the upcoming rulebook. There are Perk tweaks and fixes, and a notable increase to all Weapon costs (this will have a notable effect on most Rosters). Units that use AEGIS and Armour will also notice a point cost adjustment. In addition, there are some fixes to Perks that alter Weapon Power.

There have been a number of requests and adjustments which we want to make. We’ll apply these in another update that should be much sooner than the last one, but we are keen to get this update into your hands.

We have big plans for this year. Aside from the Rulebook and Compendium, we’ll be working toward version 2 of the app (a free upgrade), new Narratives and more battle reports once the work on the Compendium and Kickstarter fulfillment is complete.

Models in the photo are by The Printing Goes Ever On and Gary Hunt Miniatures. Terrain is from Zealot Miniatures by Tabletop World and Skull Forge Scenics. Gaming Mat is by Deep Cut Studio.

Gary Hunt Miniatures:

Zealot Miniatures:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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