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October 2022 News

Welcome to the October 2022 news update for WARSURGE.

We are excited for two announcements this month, regarding the printed rulebook and a new, optional book to play games of WARSURGE.

The printed rulebook is undergoing a final proof check before going to print. We are preparing a new video that will review the rulebook’s features and additional content. In particular, we have introduced a brand-new section to the book: ‘Building an Army’. It is a 16-page section that contains example profiles, example rosters and a gallery of photos. There are also QR Codes so you can scan the profiles directly into the app. With this, the rulebook is now 300 pages!

As mentioned in previous news announcements, the rulebook also has ‘Tournament’ and ‘Campaign’ sections.

We have also begun work on a new book, which we are calling a ‘Compendium’. It is going to be full of hundreds of premade Unit profiles, inspired or translated from many popular universes, especially in gaming (which in most cases will be renamed to something reminiscent to their source). Players will be able to use a Compendium to build a Roster for WARSURGE the old-fashioned way – with pen and paper. For those who prefer making Rosters on the app, there will be QR Codes allowing entire Factions to be imported into your app (and thereby allowing you to make adjustments to these Units and Weapons too).

In addition to profiles, the Compendium will contain artwork, stories and Perk summaries. This first Compendium will feature Sci-Fi and Fantasy armies, though if it is a popular product, we will also produce follow-up books for Historical armies, superheroes, fleets of ships and other sought-after themes from the community.

If there’s a universe or army you’d like to have converted for the Compendium, feel free to let us know on the WARSURGE Discord, Facebook Group or contact us directly via email.

In the app department, we are preparing for an update that has clarifications and adjustments, which will be in line with the upcoming rulebook. In addition, there are some fixes to Perks that alter Weapon Power.

If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up for the rulebook Kickstarter. By doing so, you will be notified when the Kickstarter is launched.

Models in the photo are by Orakio’s Studio and Gary Hunt Miniatures. Terrain is by War World Gaming and Orakio’s Studio. Gaming Mat is by Deep Cut Studio.

Gary Hunt Miniatures:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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