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WARSURGE App Patch 1.3.15

The next WARSURGE update is now live on Google Play and Apple Store. If your device does not download it automatically, you can go to the app store and update it manually. Highlights of this update include fixes to Power calculation and a significant improvement to processing speed. The ‘Show Roster Points in Lists’ setting should be fine to turn on for most devices. This update also has new Perks, adjustments and clarifications to existing Perks. There have been some notable point cost adjustments throughout the app. There is an overall increase to all weapon costs. Over the last two years we’ve noticed that many armies are nearly wiped out by Turn 3 or 4. To make the game have increased survivability for units, we’ve upped weapon costs by 50%, which should create a better balance between unit and weapon costs, and reduce the use of ‘glass cannon’ styled units or excessive use of self-destruct. Here are some details for the update: WARSURGE v1.3.15 RULES UPDATE:


- Carrier (Transportation): Deployment Perks of the Transport applies to passengers while embarked. This is to accommodate a change in transport rules coming in with the rulebook where Units must have the same Deployment Perks as a Transport to Deploy using them.

- Posthumous: Weapon is used ONLY when a casualty from an enemy Unit.

- New rank of Fallback (Psycholgical) added. Fallback II: Functions as per Fallback I, except the User does not make any Mastery Tests until at 50% HP or less.

- Beam III: Functions as per Beam II, except that failing to inflict HP Loss on a Unit does not stop the Beam from continuing to the next Unit.

- Terrestrial (Limitation): The Weapon cannot Target Units which have the Airborne Perk.

- Trap: Decoys (Tactical): When a Trap Weapon is used, a set of three Trap Markers are placed within Weapon Range instead of one. Two of the Trap Markers are decoys, while one is a real Trap Marker. Put a number under each Marker from one to three, with number one being the real Trap Marker.

- Cybernetic (Aeonian): The User is partly artificial. The User benefits from Assimilate, Repair and Engineer Perks, but suffers from Disassembler, Deconstruct, Dismantle and Hacker. The following Perks now also refer to Cybernetic: Assimilate, Repair and Engineer, Disassembler, Deconstruct, Dismantle and Hacker.


- Terrain (Environment): Added immunity to Knockback, Tow, Force, Grapple and Juggernaut.

- Velocity (Tactical): This perk has a maximum increase of +4 Power.

- Momentum (Tactical): Only gains Power for Move and Dash, not repositioning or movement from Perks.

- Espionage (Deployment): Espionage Units can be targeted if that player has no other Units on the Battlefield. If the User has affected any enemy Unit dice rolls this Game Turn, the User will not be able to attack. The User can only be struck by template Weapons (such as Blast, Cone, etc) if friendly Units are also struck by the Weapon.

- The following have received clarifications: Summon (Trait), Sergeant + Bodyguard + Leader (Leadership), Taunt (Aeonian), Compartments (Transportation), Nova (Mode), Unyielding (Movement), Immortal (Defensive), Absorption (Defensive), Breach (Aeonian), Offering (Ability), Pusillanimous (Psychological), Stalwart (Defensive), Devastate + Destroy + Devastate + Dire Hit (Offensive), Explode III (Mode), USE I + USE II (Limitation), Aether (Limitation)

- Other updates and tweaks have been made throughout.

Models in photo by Puppetswar and Gary Hunt Miniatures. Scenery by War World Gaming and gaming mat by Deep Cut Studio. Puppetswar:

Gary Hunt Miniatures:

Deep-Cut Studio: - Richard

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