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April 2023 News

Welcome to the April 2023 news update for WARSURGE.

On the Kickstarter front, the digital Rulebook has been distributed via MyMiniFactory (MMF) and the Digital Taxidermy codes sent via email. If you were meant to receive these items but haven’t yet, please send us a message on Kickstarter.

We are going to upload the digital books onto Wargame Vault after the Compendium is ready. This will be an alternative option to MMF for those who message us for it. Speaking of the Compendium, work continues on it - we are hopeful to have it ready for a pre-print playtest by Kickstarter backers sometime in May.

App update for v1.3.21 is live. There are several perk adjustments and Intermediate is now an option in the Journal, but we’ve also added a reminder for users to backup their data. Though the majority of players seem to have no issue, there are a few devices that seem to enjoy cleaning out the Warsurge save data, more so when the OS drive is nearly full. We will eventually move to cloud storage after version 2 of the app is ready, but this reminder should help in the meantime. Also, the free version of the app now has the option to transfer data to a new device even if not subscribed.

The Warsurge website now has two-page quick reference sheets available, both in dark and as print friendly. There is also an option for the D10 attack chart instead of D6.

Models in the photo are by Creature Caster, Avatars of War, Print Minis, Foxy Models and Puppetswar. The gaming mat is by Deep-Cut Studio.

Avatars of War:

Creature Caster:

Foxy Models:

Megalith Games:


Deep-Cut Studio:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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