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February 2023 News

Welcome to the February 2023 news update for WARSURGE.

The Kickstarter for the rulebook was a success! Thank you to everyone who supported us on this momentous event for WARSURGE. We look forward to delivering these books into your hands.

We are already at work on the Compendium (with its numerous unlocked factions), and have made a start on the Narrative ‘Precipice of Infinity’. When the Compendium has been drafted and checked, we are looking at an early release for players to try it out and report any suggestions or fixes before it goes to print. This will also be good for feedback from players who have requested some specific factions (which we feel are covered if you take Units from across the entire book).

In the app department, we are currently laying down the foundation for multiple languages, in preparation for implementing Italian. This feature will be added to Settings. A number of minor Perk tweaks are planned for the next update as well.

We’re in the process of overhauling the free core rules on the website, which will hybridise the Core Rules and current Quick Start for both the dark and print friendly themes. This content will be more condensed but overall simpler for getting into a game.

As the last patch has changed up the point costs of most units and weapons, we’re going to be doing a new edition of the downloadable Narratives. Currently, with the exception of most of the Clash games, they are all harder than intended.

There is a new story in the Tales of the Omniverse section of the website, “The Children of Whispers”. Feel free to check it out here:

Models in the photo are by Puppetswar and Wargame Exclusive. Terrain is from War World Gaming. The gaming Mat is by a new affiliate, Pwork Wargames.

Wargame Exclusive:

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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