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February 2024 News

Welcome to the February 2024 news update for WARSURGE.

In the app department, one of our brothers who went on vacation has returned (unfortunately with a broken wrist). That won’t stop him from preparing the next app update. We have some improvements for a performance issue being experienced in the current app version, which occurs when there is a high volume of perks and/or weapons to select on a rostered unit. This patch will also introduce some ‘loading’ overlays in some areas of the app to prevent medium to low end phones from crashing the app (or giving an unresponsive message).

The new ‘HP Loss’ Weapon Perks will be in this patch. With the Kickstarter under control, we will investigate feedback and requested Perk adjustments. Speaking of feedback, we are still looking for opinions on the following perks and rules, which we hope to introduce into the game:

Cure I/II Perks: We would like players to test this Perk as follows. Cure cannot be used to remove Psychological effects, or any effects caused by the User or friendly Units. For example, Cure cannot be used to remove the effects of Fallback or Morale.

Scaled Minimum Unit Cost: A Unit’s minimum point cost is 5% of the roster/point limit. To calculate this, divide the total points by 20. For example, if the point limit is 500pts, the minimum cost is 25pts per Unit. If the point limit is 1000pts or higher, the minimum cost of each Unit is 50pts (as per usual).

Difficult Ground 2.0: Only apply the slowing effects of Difficult Ground to the Movement distance while inside a Difficult Ground area, not the entire Movement. For example, a Unit with 10” Move and has moved up to Difficult Ground using 4” of its Move. Its remaining 6” instead becomes 3” inside the Difficult Ground.

On the Kickstarter, aside from the Collector’s Edition, all books have been shipped as of today and quite a number have already reached their destinations. If you receive your order and anything is missing or damaged, please contact us and we’ll sort it out. Also reach out if after a few weeks you haven’t received anything. We are also aware that some of our backers have not provided an address as of yet – we can’t send anything without those details!

Those who have requested signed copies will receive their rulebook and compendium in separate packages, most likely on different dates.

The Collector’s Edition books are currently being worked on. When we receive them, we shall sign them and post them.

The WARSURGE website now has an online shop. Due to our website’s current limitations, we are only displaying values in USD. If you have any friends wanting to get Warsurge books since the Kickstarter, they can now go to our website.

The STL designer will soon resume work on the STLs.

Stay tuned for more news!

- Richard

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