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WARSURGE Rules/App Update v1.2.13

The next WARSURGE update is now live on Google Play and Apple Store. If your device does not download it automatically, you can go to the app store and update it manually.

Highlights of this update include our first Settings option, which is the ability to hide a Roster’s point value when browsing lists (under Roster management and when you select a Roster for Play). There are new Perks, adjustments and clarifications to existing Perks, some bug fixes and also new pop-ups when you attempt to perform online actions without an internet connection (such as sharing or scanning codes, and backing up data).

There is now a [per Unit] added in several places where Perks add a lump cost to a Unit, to help make clearer the bracketed cost while you’re designing units. For example, Perks such as Lucky and Plague have bracketed point values. It means the Unit pays that bracketed cost once per Unit in a Roster (for Lucky, it is 5 points). In the case of Weapons, it’ll be that Perk is paid for once per Unit per that particular Weapon (so if you take 10 of a Plagued Knife and 10 of a Plagued Bomb, you’ll pay for Plague once on the knife and once on the bomb even though there are 10 of each).

The Narratives have a new version system, separate to the current Warsurge version. They are all going to start at Ed.1.0 and will remain that way unless they individually receive an update.

Here are some details for the update:


- Section 15.5 (Attack): An adjustment for templates and 1mm line weapons has been made. You cannot gain additional hits using models that are casualties.

- Section 4.1 (Movement): Immobile Units updated.

- MODS: ‘Heal Factor’, ‘Front Line Fatality’ and ‘Normal Weapon Sequence Only’ have been added as Mods. Terms of Engagement has also received a ‘Roster Organisation Chart’ to help guide players into structured games.


- Internal (Limitation): Weapon can only be used against embarked Units, including those from Perks like Imprison or Breach.

- Squadron Transport (Transportation): Allows Transport Units consisting of multiple models to combine their Transport stat. Could be used to represent cavalry and other fleets of vehicles.

- Terminate I/II/III (Offensive): Each Attack Dice causes extra HP to be lost. Unlike Destroy, Terminate is a set value.

- Bedim (2+ to 6+): Like a defensive version of Aim and Accuracy, Bedim requires any attacker to roll a dice to hit before each Attack Dice.

- Stop (Affliction): Target becomes Immobile immediately (unable to Move or Dash).

- Slow I / II (Affliction): Target has it’s Move and Dash cut by 50% immediately.

- Herd Immunity (Roster Perk): Roster is unaffected by Plague and Pestilence caused by their own army, meaning enemies won’t spread the perks back to them or infect themselves with their own weapons.


- Wall (Mode): Refer to the centre of the 1mm line for Weapon range.

- Aura (Augmentation): There are two ranks. Rank 1 is for a single aura, rank 2 allows multiple auras to be equipped.

- Wreckage (Aeonian): has a reference to Aura and Presence. Wreckage still provides a benefit.

- Provoke (Ability) / Taunt (Aeonian): received a clarification.

- Leader (Leadership): Received clarification on applying HP Loss when attached Unit is destroyed.

- Aim (Limitation) / Accuracy (Aeonian): Clarification and example on how to use this Perk.

- Purge (Ability): Received a clarification on what perks can be removed.

- Bodyguard (Leadership): Received clarification on resolving HP Loss.

- Wildcard (Limitation): Updated and can be combined with many Limitation Perks.

- Malfunction (Limitation): Received clarification on multiple weapons (roll them separately).

- Preliminary (Tactical): Now clashes with Unwieldy.

- Fast / Moving Strike (Tactical): Received an update.

- Velocity (Tactical) / Thrust (Movement): received clarification (continuous straight line).

- Trap (Tactical): Received a clarification for Grapple.

- Pacifist (Aeonian): Berserk and Psychotic Units ignore Pacifist Units unless they also have murderer.

- No Line of Sight (Tactical): Received clarification for Cover Bonus (still refer to attacking model’s line of sight unless it has the ‘Ignore Cover’ Perk as well).

- Stealth: Received an update.

- Keen Eye: Now ignores Bedim.

- Transport Link: Now can link to any other friendly Unit with Transport Link in the Roster.

- Unstoppable: Immune to Slow and Stop.

Several Perks that attack out of normal sequence (such as Fast, Snipe, etc) have had a point cost adjustment.

Models in photo by Joaquin Palacios Studio and Orakio’s Studio, gaming mat by Deep Cut Studio.

Joaquin Palacios Studio:

Orakio’s Studio:

Deep-Cut Studio:

- Richard

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