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- App Patch 1.0.23 and Books v1.01 Now Live -

There are updates to both the WARSURGE App (both Android and iOS) and also the the Rulebook PDFs. The details of the patch are below: -WARSURGE App Patch 1.0.23-

Added Roster Lore Tab for adding Lore and Symbol features to a Roster

Various Perk point value updates

Armoury display fixes

+AP I (D3) and +AP II (D6) (Enhancement Perk) bug fixes

+AP I (D3) and +AP II description update

Counter (Limitation Perk) description update

Volatile (Limitation Perk) description update

Loot (Limitation Perk) description update

Challenger (Leadership Perk) added ‘Immediate’

Leader and Bodyguard (Leadership Perk) description update

Heal (Mode) and HP Steal (Enhancement) Perks description update (HP Absorb feature)

Might I and Might II (Offensive Perks) description update

Dread Perk (Affliction) description update

Self-Destruct (Limitation) description update

New term of Wielder added to many Weapon Perks, where an individual using a Weapon is more important than just referring to the Unit as a whole. Refer to Book 2. Perks for more details.

-Rulebooks: v1.01-

Perk Book has received updates from the WARSURGE App

Minor corrections and adjustments have made in the eBooks

Competitive Book has received adjustments in the 10 Steps to start a game, and Capture the Flag (in Missions) has been adjusted.

Perk Book has new terminology of ‘Wielder’, to assist with understanding Weapon Perks

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