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App Patch v1.0.27

Just a small update, but with a notable new feature: Notes! You can use this to write something onto an individual Unit during a game, then tap apply. For example, you could note down any ongoing effects, or items you've picked up during Narrative games. Unlike Lore, these Notes will only remain for the game.

In the example images below, a Tank has suffered two stacks of Burn, and noted the Game Turn it happened on. It also noted that it used all its one use missile weapons in Turn 3. This shows up on the Roster tab as well.

-Notes Tab-

Double tap a Unit in the Roster tab (in Play) to add Notes, which is the fourth tab on the right. In the Android version these tabs are the top right, while on iOS these are the bottom right. These notes will also be viewable on the unit in the Roster tab too.

-Perk Updates-

Deathblow has received an update to description and point cost.

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