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App Patch v1.0.26 and Rulebook Patch v1.02

There is a new patch for the WARSURGE App and Rulebooks.

-App v1.0.26-

QR Code scans now give an error message if have they been scanned in the wrong area, or they are not compatible with WARSURGE.

AEGIS Saves have received a Point Cost increase.

UI Fixes have been applied to Unit Details in Rosters and Play.

The following Perks have had their Point Costs adjusted:


Impact I and II Perks

All Damage+ Perks (Damage 6+ through to 2+)

+Power I II and III Perks

The following Perks have received a change or update to their description:

Invade I II & III

Immunity II

Fire Resist II


Chain I


Damage 2+ to 6+

War Master



The WARSURGE eBooks have been updated to v1.02, applying Perk description updates made to the WARSURGE App.

A Print Friendly version of the Quick Reference is now available in the Downloads area.

-Narratives- Super Model Race has received some changes in v1.02: Spinout distance increased to 2D6 Switcheroo must be used immediately at the end of a Move or Dash, or be discarded

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